Gears 3 would not be the same on PS3

In addition to the huge improvements featured in the newest Unreal Engine tech (which powers Gears 3) such as better shadowing, more natural lighting, better looking foliage, insane use of transparencies/alpha and particle effects, improved Camera-based motion blur, Epic games has added something called “motion blur skinning.”

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hardcore19122416d ago

Gears 3 may have the best texture work I have seen on consoles especially old town map.

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MmaFan-Qc2416d ago

"may have the best texture work I have seen on consoles"

...uhh...then you obviously need to see more games.

asmith23062416d ago

Nah I think the texture work on Uncharted 2 is the best I have seen anywhere. Gears 3 beta is alright but the new weapons are slowly turning it into a noob fest unfortunately. Gears 1 was were its at, they should have just stuck with the same formula that made the first one great. Also, I think it would benefit being on PS3, still might someday you know if a trilogy is released!

-Alpha2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

"texture work on Uncharted 2 is the best I have seen anywhere"

I am so tempted to spam you with Crysis textures lol

Sony3602416d ago

Sorry but Crysis 2 is currently king.

RememberThe3572416d ago

Not on consoles. At least not on the PS3 version I played. Crysis 2 was a dope game and it looked great fro all that it did. But Killzone 3 destroys it it terms of visual clarity. Crysis 2 has a better campaign than Killzone 3 but it is not on Killzone 3's visual level. Of course Crysis 2 has much bigger maps and it was impressive how they could get all that running so smoothly.

limewax2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I don't personally get it....Can somebody please explain to me why motion blur is a good thing? Because I hate it, it takes detail out for what appears to be no reason

ProjectVulcan2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

The article itself kind of relies on the fact this one feature makes the game look so much better and that PS3 hasn't got strengths elsewhere in its architecture or capable of other features 360 could not do because it would be too slow. Well PS3 has, these are different machines and have different strengths and weaknesses.

The truth of the matter is Gears is exclusive to 360 and the Unreal engine 3 is optimised for 360 far better, not PS3. From the very start UE3 was always built for 360 and then ported onto PS3 with difficulty, as the engine is simply not designed from the ground up for PS3's hardware, whereas it pretty much was for 360.

In reality while PS3 has a slower vertex fillrate from its GPU then CELL is brought in to help compensate for that, if the engine is designed to work around this particular weakness- Killzone and Uncharted both do this. They both also use methods of motion blur not related to the one employed by epic, and work fine....

If epic built a big game and an engine from the ground up with PS3 in mind i think you would see different features 360 couldn't do here and there as well. This is just how things work with differing features on considerably different machine architectures.

MitchGE2415d ago

@RememberThe357: That's the thing; they DIDN'T get Crysis 2 to run smoothly. It rarely ever held 30fps for me, and I played it installed on 360. The slowdown made it feel clunky.

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Istanbull2416d ago

"may have the best texture work I have seen on consoles"

LOL! You need to open your eyes, textures always needs to load when entering a new level wich is annoying, also u need to play more games.

Clarence2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Gears 3 has to load in the texture. Also Gears 3 could run on PS3, the developers would have to figure out another way to use the PS3 power. If anyone has played God of War 3, they know the power of the PS3.

look at the lighting and the the texture

I call this BS. Cliffy B must still be upset over Bulletstorm sales.

Sony3602416d ago

Wait, you've played Gears 3? I thought it wasn't out yet.

Also if anyone's played Crysis 2, they know the power of the 360.

Like all multi plats, Gears 3 wouldn't look as good on the Ps3.

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BeOneWithTheGun2416d ago

They do look pretty good. I'm an avid PS3 owner but I am considering buying one just for this game. I'm still pissy about buying the 4GB 360 for Halo reach and then finding out that I could not play coop with my kid and nephew because the 4gb flash memory would not work. I had to either mod an old hard drive and void my warranty or drop $100 on a new one? Don't think so. Went on craigslist after campaign was beat.

asmith23062415d ago

Man I was a hardcore Gears 1 player. Gears 2 was so bad it made me sell my 360 (didn't use it for anything else). Two weeks ago I bought a pre-owned 360 just to try the beta in the hope that it was back to basics... its close, its very close and judging by the feedback in the beta forum and can't help but believe that Gears 3 could be legendary when it releases at retail. If it is I am throwing away the pre-owned 360 and buying a brand new one, the pre-owned one might as well need life support but its holding out so I can play the beta lol Thats my opinion and I am an avid PS3 owner like yourself.

50Terabytespersec2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

This is BS catch phrase BS and clever marketing!("Blast processing anyone?")
PS3 and 360 has strengths and weaknesses .

That motions blur tech (on 360 )is a joke.
The greatest Break through lately in SoftwareTech for memory strapped consoles has been
#2 Mega Textures
The first only applies to PC's and PS3 (360 from tech specs is a Low Def design which can not do this)
look at GOW3 and dare to compare any 360 game or PC to this sheer quality of graphics (especially on Kratos or Gaia)
the second (mega textures)will be proven in the upcoming ID's Rage on PC , 360, and PS3
The BS Blur feature has nothing to do with horsepower or Fidelity of images whats so ever!!! its is the same as Blast processing on Sega Genesis lol!!!
and now..
"motion blur skinning?"
I don't think i want too much "blur" on my Sony Bravia 1080p LMAO!!
I (and my eyes) will take MLAA or more HD textures anytime over this BS!
(we have our answer to Gears ! it is called uncharted 3)
Let the tech comparisons begin!

baodeus2416d ago

here, compare any Kratos or UC2 texture to resident evil 5 then (an older game on the x360 to be exact)?

and please, don't bring PC into this, u already know which one is more capable to be better in pretty much anything over the ps3 ones.

baodeus2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )


there u go, i gave u some pictures of resident evil 5 up close texture on Chris. Why don't u compare that to any of Kratos/Drake up close pictures then to see which is better? I took the challenge, so u go ahead and post yours. Remember though, RE5 textures just isn't only on the characters, it is also well distributed throughout the environment as well.

If you guys gonna pull out that Ps3 also ran RE5, why would it matter when it still has better texture (up close) than the exclusive ones?

And what the heck do u mean low def design (as in x360 doesn't do high definition games?) Are u sure u know what u are talking about?

So what is the advantage and disadvantage of MLAA over MSAA and why people would still op for MSAA if they can? I'll let u figure that one out then.

This retarded comparison is getting really old man, LIKE BC calendar old. C'mon isnt there anything else beside GoW3, UC, KZ crap again and again? And yeah, typical 7 agrees.

Oye, the fanboy always outweight gamers on n4g. This will never change i guess.

jetlian2416d ago

BAO why own them like that?! Gears,crysis 2, and RE5 top visual games. Bulletstorm has complex textures but they lack clarity.

They like comparing the cutscenes graphics which is why they think ps3 is better. 360 lower disc spaces forces lower res on cutscenes unless the're ingame.

Even if they used RE5 the 360 version has better textures.

Just look at UC3 splitscreen and you can see it doesn't match gears FULL splitscreen.

thewhoopimen2416d ago

@baodeus: RE5 isn't even close to any of the other games on visual tech..... It has nice textures but particle effects, everything else completely suffers.

Sorry but all the publishers could make RE5 textures if they took out all the effects.

jetlian2416d ago

has hdr lighting. And if thats the case god of war only looks good do to a lack of real 3d gaming worlds.

Bao notices he didn't show any images of these high end graphics!!! why not show proof lol

dragonelite2415d ago

derp derp see me use fancy words i dont know what they mean.

Of course 360 can do mlaa on gpu and faster has not been implemted yet ooh wait The force unleashed used it only a slightly different algorithm. Mlaa become the keyword for postprocessing AA just like the one GI implementation is not the other its about the effect and the way its done.

You should really do more research instead of shouting out bullcrap.

Jocosta2415d ago

We have developed a very fast implementation of MLAA on the GPU, both for PC and Xbox 360. In PC it runs 11.8x faster than MSAA 8X (0.44ms on a 9800GTX ), and in the Xbox it only requires 3.79ms to perform anti-aliasing on a 720p image. For comparison, the God of War III implementation requires 20ms of a single SPU (4ms using 5 of them).

50Terabytespersec2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

First Off I HAD a budget PC(aka)Xbox360 and played RE5 on it (great looking stuff,However DVD limitations shows; horrendous low res cut-scenes,not much variety with visuals)
I now have it for PC on my ($50refurb)9800GT 512MB,it still lacks visual variety;yet It does look more phenomenal since 9800GT is twice the FILL power of a 360. MSAA is on +higher HD res on PC..

However We need to talk about Native Games not PC ports!which 360 comes up short always!(can u say Budget PC).
But heres your SCREENSHOTS GOW 3!& lets be honest it did when Graphics of the year at VGA 2010.
So i'm gonna go easy on the screen shots i pulled LOL .With MLAA in full effect!
Mind you no game to this day looks like actual CGI or actual real life clay-mation till GOW3 came out!!,This tech is award winning so stop being in denial of the CELL Bluray GPU tech Sony delivered on + the software genius at Sony.
Even as a PC Gamer. This game holds its own so does Uncharted and GT5 against my SLI ready Rig.

MLAA on Xbox 360...?? I'll believe it when I see it to this effect(that GOW3 has)! Which is when?

I would advice you budget360PC fans to actually play the game on a 1080p Bravia 37 or 40" and
play xbxo360 as well sit up very close and take in the AWE..OF HD PS3 native gaming.

<a href=" target="_blank">G OW3</a>
<a href=" target="_blank">G OW3.</a> <a href=" target="_blank">G OW3</a>

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baodeus2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )


So does RE5 lack any of this:
Texture: no
Lighting: no (see if u can find better lighting on Ps3 exclusives)
effects (fire/explosion/interactive objects/etc...): no
Things on screen: no
larger areas: no, why don't u compare it to GoW3 small, fixed camera and w/ QTE
Draw distance: no
Anything else beside animation: probably not

If you say that it has stiff animation (that is the only thing i think RE5 is lacking), but during boss fight, it is as organic as it gets (see uroboros boss fight vids).

So what are u talking about thewhoopimen? Can u compare it to other games like UC2/KZ2/KZ3/GoW3 (scale, texture, lighting, explosion effect, things on screen, fire, co-op, and so on). If you say RE5 lack in everything just for texture, then what about GoW3 (small scripted area, fix angle, linear as hell, QTE, etc...) and why GoW3 is graphic phenomenon and RE5 isn't? It seems really easy to get agrees making a BS statement and doesn't have anything to back it up on n4g.

If u claim Ps3 is king of graphics (it can ditch out realistic looking games, GT5 premium car model for example) then why turn around claiming cartoon looking (UC2,GoW3), grainy sloppy texture with 100% deferred lighting (non dynamic) and bland color tones (KZ2/3), of which u guys bashed Gears earlier in this gen no less, graphic award winning MGS4, even more subHD than crysis 2 of which u guys bashed ever since it release, as true next gen graphic phenomenon while neglecting other realistic looking games like Crysis 2/ Resident Evil 5? Does it make any sense or this is just the same PS3 fanboy BS over and over again?

don't worry, i always have RE5 links save :D. Still no one has proven anything other wise. PM me if u want more.

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wsoutlaw872416d ago

we already know KZ3 looks better. KZ beat crysis and this wont beat crysis. I hope this is just an example picture because why would his foot be blurred, how fast is he moving

Silverfang23402416d ago

This "Gears" franchise is a joke. I mean come on, compare this to Killzone 3, we all know Killzone tops this by a milestone JUST in gameplay alone. And what's with gears of wars overly buff characters? I mean, there's creativity, but then there's just plain "let's stand out from the rest by making our characters arms 10x larger than their heads."

stu8882416d ago

I've played Gear 3 beta on a mates 360. (Im a PS3 owner)

I'm afraid to say that the graphics are immense - certainly up there with killzone 3 and Uncharted 2.

Anyone who thinks otherwise has either not played it, or needs glasses.

I didn't think the unreal engine was capable of it - most other games using that engine really don't look that great.

Anyway, it should be pointed out that there are a massive amount of PS3 fans on this site and less 360 fans - i'll let the disagrees do the talking for me.

I do think however, Uncharted 3 will take the crown for best graphics on console. I'll be surprised if it doesn't!

thewhoopimen2416d ago

I disagree. I've played both Gear 1 and 2 and while i was greatly impressed with the 1st game (especially the berserker stage), when UC came out, I was instantly impressed at how much cleaner the textures were compared to Gears.

stu8882416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

im sure your right, but this is Gear 3 were talking about! not 1 or 2. Seriously, the graphics are incredible!

Just look at the difference between uncharted 1 and 2. Its like that!

Vherostar2416d ago

The main problem I have wit Gears looks is the game is obviously too powerful for a 360 to handle what I mean by this is. You can see the textures loading on maps when it first loads you see blurry textures for about 3 seconds then the texture loads into memory and it's good. That's the problem though with the game it's been there since Gears 1 on 360 and it's NOT there on Gears 1 for PC. I don't know about PS3 and loading textures with Gears as we never seen a gears on ps3 but UT on PS3 never had that problem.

Either way when games are multiplatform they are downgraded so they can look as much alike as possible and thats the problem. Both consoles have there strengths which you cannot use when making multiplatform games otherwise one would look better than the other by a lot. This happened with a lot of early 360 games as they were easier to output for.

Either way IF it was exclusive on PS3 and not 360 it would probably look as good and if other exclusives are anything to go by (Uncharted/MGS4) then it may even look better. But as multiplatform? NO... The fact is it's a 360 exclusive and one of the reasons I own a 360 along with Fable :p. Not that crappy Halo garbage haha.

lategamer2415d ago

Gears of War 3 looks fine on 360. If you played the Beta, you would know all the pop-ins are gone. Gears of War 1 had this problem, Gears of War 2 reduced it (though it was still there), and Gears of War 3 gets rid of it altogether.

Digital Foundry did a great piece on the Gears of War 3 beta where they talked about this, interesting stuff.

Ultimately, it comes down to optimization and pushing the tech. IMO, Gears looks as good as Uncharted. For all the hype on the PS3 in 2005/2006, the difference between the two consoles isn't as big as Xbox and PS2. It seems PS3 exclusives push the tech more. Uncharted, Killzone, God of War (Kratos looks amazing. Loved the Battle with Chronos)

ps3destroyer2416d ago

How dare you say anything about good graphics and don't mention the ps3.Don't you know the rules on this site?Do you wonna get banned?The rules are staight
1)Never ever say anything that will decrease the quality of the ps3 infront of the ps3 fangirls.
2)Never support anything by another company except the holy saints of electronics SONY.
3)Never ever dare to say anything bad for other Sony products also since the Sony Defence Force will hunt your bubbles till death.

killcycle2415d ago

But Unreal Tournament looked better on Ps3 and had more features like allowing mods and that game is ancient?

kikizoo2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Wow xfans fest, look at the poor guys censured "Trolling" most of them are just saying the truth...desperate fanboyz are really pathetics, even in 2011 they don't want to see the reality (best graphics with best hardware)

it's obvious it could be better on ps3 (if the guys wanted to, and have the competence for), since best exclusives are on's just a fact nobody can't deny.

by the way, vgarabia is a well known xbobot's site, spreading bullcraps like every fanboy, this technical non sens is a pure invention, where epic says that when you click on "claim" ?

RBlaze2415d ago

LOL! That is absolutely classic!!!

From what you've written, I can only assume you game on the PS... But come on, man... "Nobody can't deny"? "NOBODY CAN'T DENY"?!?!

Lol, you have actually said that exclusives are best on the PS3... And then that everybody can deny your statement.

I love this... This has made my day already!

DragonKnight2415d ago

A grammatical error has made your day? Wow, I think you need to get out more.

Jocosta2415d ago

I put you down for trolling. By the way, your grammar is atrocious.

NanoSoldier2415d ago

PS3 could not handle Gears 3. After Crysis 2 we all know 360 is the stronger console. Here on this site are so many blind PS3 Fanboys. PS3 Excusives are one of the visually most overrated games ever.

lategamer2415d ago

PS3 handled UT3, Bulletstorm, etc. just fine. It can handle Gears 3.

Rainstorm812415d ago

says the guy with a big X as his avatar...

fanboys are such hypocrites....smh.... quick to call other out yet fall in the same damn category.

Gears 3 could be done on ps3, but its a xbox exclusive and that is the ONLY reason it cant be done.

DigitalRaptor2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

All it proves is that Crytek are a less competent developer than we thought.

If games can look as good as God of War 3, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3 etc. Crysis 2 on PS3 could have looked as good as the 360 version if not better. So could Gears of War 3.

And the thing is, at least a good handful of PS3 exclusives have the best graphics on consoles. There are other games like Valkyria Chronicles and Ni no Kuni that are stylised and need not as much graphical horsepower, but still look fvcking beautiful. Then there are games like Yakuza 4 and SOCOM 4 which are middle-of-the-road, but still quite impressive graphically.

The reason PS3 fans brag about the graphics so much is because of the many exclusives that have pushed boundaries and managed to look outstanding. It doesn't mean that every PS3 exclusive will look as good as Uncharted, nor do they need to. Overrated? Hardly.

otherZinc2415d ago

The PS3 Definitely couldn't have online campaign co-op, especially 4 Player co-op & the game not be cell shaded!

If so PS3 fans, why is Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, or any game made for the PS3 not campaign co-op? If it does, it will look like s***!

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Muerte24942416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

doubtful. Are you absolutely insane? Gears of War 3 looks gorgeous and there's no debating that. But to say that it can't be done on ps3 is beyond stupidity. People could still argue with all the improvements to Unreal Engine 3 that it still can't compete with Cryengine3. With that said you didn't hear Gametrailers say Crysis2 looked better than Killzone3 in the Crysis2 review.

immortal842416d ago

Gametrailers??? don't make me laugh. IGN and many many websites said Crysis 2 is the best looking game on consoles. Like all PS3 devs who say our game can't be done on another console because they are taking advantage of the strengths of the PS3, Epic games is doing the same. Epic games is taking advantage of the Xbox360 architecture and work with the console strengths in mind.

Muerte24942416d ago

as if Mark Reins/Epic Games are first party developers. They're only saying that because it's an exclusive title. It that was the case why would DICE's lead console platform be the ps3? You're deluding yourself if you think simple motion blurring can't be done on ps3. After seeing Infamous/Killzone3/LBP1&2 excuse me and everyone else for thinking that's a hard pill to swallow. Ha, I can't believe you actually mentioned IGN. ROFL!!!

ar2416d ago

@Muerte2494 & immortal84:
Hold on! You two actually need others to tell you what's a good looking game? You can't determine that for your self?

asmith23062416d ago

Our game? What an idiot, I have both consoles so I guess all 360 and PS3 exclusives are MY games! And IGN... please don't make me laugh!!!

2416d ago
Vherostar2416d ago

This is being said because of the articles by Sony saying this and that game are not possible on 360 e.g. uncharted. The difference is this isn't a developer saying these things its a relatively unknown website.

But read what I put above.

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TOO PAWNED2416d ago

this is some joke, right?

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NukaCola2416d ago

When Xbox exclusives start toppling PS3 exclusives in both visuals and performance, then I'll buy somelike the title comment. The Unreal Engine is a bit shady on the PS3 but both Mass Effect 2 and Arkham Asylum use that engine, and they look stunning (Better than 360 as well) on Playstation 3.

bessy672416d ago

Arkham Asylum looks exactly the same and ME2 looks better on PS3 because it's running on the ME3 engine and had an extra year of development.

Jack-Pyro2416d ago

Don't you hate it when Fanboyism trumps simple logic...

Muerte24942416d ago

The ps3 version was the lead version for Arkham Asylum it showed during gameplay. Now Epic is telling me that other studios can utilize the engine on ps3 better than they can? If that's what you're saying Epic then fine.

DrRichtofen2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I'm sure if they wanted to they could just find another way to do it on PS3, just like every other developer finds a new way to do something on PS3.