Is Crunch Inevitable?

Next-Gen recently sat down to quiz Matthew Jeffrey, EA's head of European studio recruitment, on burning employment issues such as quality of life and whether crunch is inevitable, workforce diversity and the trouble with gaming degrees.

As the best known third party publisher in the world EA tends to come under about as much scrutiny as its Madden games rack up sales. Notably the company has come in for criticism regarding its working conditions, something that came to a head during the EA Spouse affair.

Jeffrey says EA is currently going through a "learning" process with regards to addressing quality of life issues.

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WilliamRLBaker4048d ago

and EA is learning that with the yearly employee strikes and lawsuits claming crap quality of life, and bad pay for it.

If they make a good game then its fine if it takes a couple years, but EA runs a buisness that the key is throwing as much crap into the marketplace and see what makes money they spend so lil on making the game so they make profit regardless.