Rumour: Call of Duty Online reveal or Modern Warfare 3?

BeefJack: "Reports are coming in that Activision could be hiding a big reveal up their sleeves. Their very big and impassable sleeves of rumour mill mongering doom? First showing up on Rock Paper Shotgun last night, there’s been a rumbling along the grape vine that Call of Duty Online is going to be announced next week.


"Other industry sources have suggested to BeefJack that a Modern Warfare 3 reveal may well be around the corner – perhaps with its first footage shown by the end of this month."

Story has been updated to include Craptain_Steel's pic.

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Craptain_Steel2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

In the OPM UK mag, there's an ad for next months mag, and theres a big 3.

i can taek picherz

milliways2775d ago

Now that certainly does look interesting.

DoomeDx2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Looks more like the 3 of Battlefield IMO.

Sorry article creator, i think its BF3

Craptain_Steel2775d ago

But the picture says the biggest game in the world returns, and Cod is bigger than battlefield from a popularity and financial aspect.

And BF has already had a feature and been revealed.

xAlmostPro2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Modern warfare 3 with all new full aimbot and wallhack features built in, one man army? forget that we'll just give you unlimited ammo this game.. forget knifes we'll use spears for long range knifing oh and campers? we have something for you too.. this is modernwarfare afterall, how about full invisibility? done.

Thats the kind of reveal im expecting tbh

kratos1232775d ago

Your my comment of the day . Spears lol

Simonkey752775d ago

Well, that's definite confirmation that the CoD online theory is wrong. It has to be Modern Warfare 3.

Killzone3___2775d ago

it's Activision so it's possable to be both XD .. but i love cod so both welcome to me , i prefer the online so call of duty online would be great to for my brothers and me..

Fishy Fingers2775d ago

Pointless submission, OPM has shown it's Modern Warfare 3 and even this article has been updated to include that.

bozebo2775d ago

CoD online? Wouldn't that just be CoD without a single player?

xAlmostPro2775d ago

I'd prefer that to be honest, it would mean that more effort and time would go into the multi-player.

The singleplayer is never that great to be honest..

Modernwarfare 2 was sooo noob friendly as well, almost like they came up with the perk ideas without thinking them through or testing them..

Black ops is far more balanced however from a technical standpoint it sucks, bad performance loads of lag etc. black ops weapon stats and perks crossed with the performance of cod4/mw2..

then some completely game changing updates and COD would be great again.

As if though.

Toman852775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Ohh if this turn out to be just Call of Duty online, then I wouldnt buy it at all. Since Black Ops on PS3 was an failure for me in MP. After 8 patches, still I cant join any of my friends. In my other PS3 games there I can join them, for example KZ3.

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