Capcom posts $1.2 billion annual sales

Capcom today released its results for the fiscal year ended March 31, painting a rosy picture of the past year, one in which revenues rose sharply and a record five games from the publisher achieved the million-units-shipped milestone.

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miyamoto2573d ago

Thanks to Monster Hunter on PSP

SicK_Scope2573d ago

Yeah dude thats alot of money

gamingdroid2573d ago

actual profit is around $90 million, but the real question is how much money is Capcom burning through in the past and what can they earn money from in the future?

tweex2573d ago

May they continue to make Monster Hunter games forever!!

frelyler2573d ago

No shit. Its their number one money maker. Aside from fighting games, their games have suuuuucked. Waiting for azura's wrath to see if they redeem themselves. Give me back their glory days on ps2, oh wait all those awesome people left.

rezzah2573d ago

I'm still waiting for that MH game they promised on the PS3.

Hopefully on the PS4.

I just want Dual analogs ToT

VampiricDragon_2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

about the one company to post positive profits this year.

Nintendo, sony, EA, thq, square, sega


VampiricDragon_2573d ago

whats with the disagrees? Nintendo was down 20 percent, EA lost 300 million this fiscal year, thq lost about 100 million, amd square and sega were down about 10-30 percent

antauwnehart2573d ago

That 1.2 billion pocket change must be going torwards street fighter 5 cause they will make 5 billion off that game alone! street fighter 5 day one buy!

Lyr1c2573d ago


It's going to.....

Super Street Fighter Turbo Max Hyper Mega Overdrive 4: Awesome Edition

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The story is too old to be commented.