Sierra and Double Fine officially announce Brutal Legend

Sierra Entertainment and Double Fine Productions have released an official press release for Tim Schafer's upcoming Brutal Legend.


Tim Schafer is the creator-designer-writer of LucasArts classics such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Grim Fandango. Schafer's first independent game with his own company Double Fine is Psychonauts.

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sfinXters3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

The umlaut means that this is gonna be great.

And its gonna be about metal, which will make it uber-great.

Skerj3991d ago

This is going to be the most metal game ever created!!

xc7x3991d ago

cartoons and humor is not real metal

m91058263991d ago

There's an article about it in the new GI. It looks awesome, and coming from the creator of Psyconauts and Day of the Tentacle, I have no doubt that it will be. Metalocalypse: The Game... That's what it looks like.

MK_Red3991d ago

Agreed. It looks seriously awesome. Monkey Island and Psychonauts creator going for an M rated Metal game... this is RADICAL.