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Is Hulu Plus Worth the Extra Money?

From the PlanetXbox360.com feature editorial:

"While the Xbox 360 is primarily a gaming console, its feature-rich dashboard provides many other forms of entertainment for its consumers. From Netflix and ESPN streaming to Facebook and Twitter integration, Microsoft’s console offers an overwhelming wealth of additional applications. Now gamers can add Hulu Plus to that list. As a promotion, Hulu Plus will be available for all Xbox users (Gold or Silver subscribers) from April 29th to May 6th. If you haven’t gotten around to downloading the weeklong access, head over to the dashboard and get to it! After having toyed around with the service for some time, I must say that I am quite impressed. For those that don’t know, Hulu is a video streaming service that has a wide selection of television shows, movies and clips – much like Netflix. However, unlike Netflix, Hulu has brand new content, including recent television episodes." (PC, Xbox 360)

UltimaEnder  +   1426d ago
I had it on my iPad 2 for a week; didn't renew....
HolyOrangeCows  +   1426d ago
On a portable I'd understand, but on a console? Pfft.

Just turn on any old computer and watch it for free.
testerg35  +   1426d ago
Hulu plus is free?
xTruthx  +   1426d ago
I just use the psn browser
LaurenKB123  +   1426d ago
xPhearR3dx  +   1426d ago
Hell no. Honestly it's a piece of a crap. Worst app I've ever used on my 360. Netflix offers almost the same selection (minus the Black & White movies which is almost all Hulu Offers) plus more. Not to mention Netflix has party support.

I was really looking forward to Hulu Plus, which is a shame because of how crappy it is.
vickers500  +   1426d ago
I have both, and Netflix doesn't really have "new" episodes of tv shows. Want to see the first 5 episodes of the latest season of something like House, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation on Netflix? Well you're going to have to wait until the season is finished and until it's released on DVD (that's usually the same time it's available for streaming as well).

Hulu Plus is okay, but it's not THAT crappy. Sure, Netflix has the better selection, but their selection (of streaming stuff) consists mostly of old stuff.

Also, in addition to being able to keep up with current shows (my family hogs the tv and dvr and I like to watch tv at my own time, so watching it when it's on really isn't an option) I can watch the new episodes in high definition.
fluffydelusions  +   1426d ago
No. I watch it on PC but just standard version...I wouldn't pay for it.
AdmiralSnake  +   1426d ago
scotchmouth  +   1426d ago
Its really not worth it. You are better off utilizing the free service.
Neo Nugget  +   1426d ago
I'll stick with Netflix..
guitarded77  +   1426d ago
No way...
SNEEKZ0NER  +   1426d ago
I thought Hulu was going to give Netflix some competition but it obviously didn't there was a lot of tv shows that I really wanted to watch and they were either not on there or it said I had to watch it on the web. What's the point of having a tv show on the app you can't even watch? In my opinion it's a waste of money I'll stick with Netflix.
Neko_Mega  +   1426d ago
Its a yes and no, 360 Hulu seems to be missing alot of shows Vs the one on PS3 but the PS3 Hulu doesn't seem to update all of their shows as fast as Hulu.com.
cooperdnizzle  +   1426d ago
No way, and yea with the cost of xbox live it should be free. Seriously, why did the up the price of xbox live? I think it should be free anyway. And now that want you to pay for hulu. When you can just watch it for free with a computer. And my computer hooks right up to my tv. So win win. O and off subject. But what the hell Mortal Kombat doesn't have 3D support for the 360. The only reason i didn't buy it on my ps3 is cause there network is down right now. But i regret it, cause it doesn't have 3d support. Lame. I want i good game to use my 3d tv.
Kamikaze135  +   1426d ago
Not at all. I like how it gets all of the current episodes of some of my favorite shows, but if I'm paying for an application, I expect NOT to see ads and commercials. That's why I just stick to Netflix. Hulu Plus is a joke.
Goldenarmz  +   1426d ago
If your paying for cable... No it isnt worth it, if your looking for alternatives to Cable, then yes it is worth it. I just got it after the free Week and loving it, i can watch Current shows that i would normally have to wait til Netflix got, and it has shows that Netflix doesnt have so for 7 bucks a month its not bad at all. And i dont know why ppl say they can watch it on PC for free, becuz a lot of the shows you cant watch through the free version. So Netflix + Hulu - Cable = Awesome
khamvongsa09  +   1426d ago
For me its worth it. I don't have cable or satellite TV anymore so HuluPlus is how I get my shows. I just think they need more deals with more networks to really be worth the money.
Kevzin  +   1426d ago
I like it better on the PSN just don't like the app on the 360 but I do like HuluPlus had it for a year now
thebudgetgamer  +   1426d ago
the only advantage i see with hulu is their television shows are more up to date.
coryok  +   1426d ago
hellz no, i use it for on my pc, and use a media server on my pc so i can stream it to my ps3 for free too

why would you pay for something thats free?
zeal0us  +   1426d ago
its worth it, if your giving up paying 100+ a month for cable or satellite. if you don't have either of the two and just regular tv then its still probably not worth it unless you want more channels. I wouldn't paying for if they didn't have the dam ads/commercial.

I got neflix for free with my gold account(technically still paying for it compared to ps3, netflix) and best of all no ADS/Commercial
TBONEJF  +   1426d ago
Why would I want HULU? HULU is nothing HAVE NOTHING BUT ADS LOTS OF ADS every few minutes during a episode theirs an ad. NOT WORTH MY TIME AND MONEY.
lochdoun  +   1426d ago
Netflix is better. All that Hulu offers is shows that you can find on basic cable anyway so what's the point? Just get basic cable.

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