Rumor: Sony unveils Starhawk to the press

It seems that Sony may have revealed Starhawk to the press last night.

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Joni-Ice2664d ago

I hope its true. I loved Warhawk, Starhawk should be amazing.

UNCyrus2664d ago

So wait... lemme get this straight.

Guy gets on plane, goes to Austin, gets drunk... New game CONFIRMED!!!

Fishy Fingers2664d ago

We'll they've been demoing the game around Sony, his destination was the same as the developers and he says he cant wait to show what he saw and doing so under the PSNation name.

It's clearly something PS related and some slothing would point toward StarHawk. Note this is labelled as a RUMOUR, so no, "New game CONFIRMED!!!" as you dramatically put it.

lociefer2664d ago

i just hope it has enough planes for every1, i hate racing to be the first to catch a plane xD lol

velocitygamer2664d ago

It's been too long....can't wait for Starhawk, I played the shit outta Warhawk.

Oxymoron0282664d ago

@fishy fingers;

Except the title says "Sony unveils Starhawk"...

There's no mention of anything relating to starhawk or warhawk...

Fishy Fingers2664d ago

Like I said, it was submitted as a rumour as the author is making an educated guess based upon recent Starhawk news and the location of the visit.

Valay2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Thanks, Fishy Fingers. Glad to see that at least one person understands where this RUMOR is coming from.

What other prominent Sony studio has been rumored to be developing a game that will be announced before E3...? It's May now, so it would make sense. And yes, LightBox Interactive... and yes, the Twitter posts were on the PS3Nation Twitter account... Hmm...

Just connect the dots. I'm not trying to say this is confirmed in any way, which is why I marked it as a rumor in the submission and title of the article.

dragon822663d ago

No offense guys but I would take UNCyrus' opinions over this "Rumor" as you call it.

moparful992663d ago

I've poured more hours into warhawk then any other game I've ever played.. 754 to be exact... Man I'm getting nostalgic.. I may jump on and play once psn comes back up... Cannot wait another minute for starhawk!!

torgo2662d ago


Wait, isn't that how every new game is revealed, with me getting drunk??

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Dark_king2664d ago

I wonder if we will get to keep the special Items people won on Warhawk.Like the champion blade and anything else.

Convas2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Sony just keeps on hustlin', hustlin', keeps on hustlin' hustlin' ...

'Grees if you get the reference.

Lullz, guess no one got the reference.

r2kcipher2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I think you got lost on way to youtube

thumbs up if you get the reference

Rage_S902664d ago

What is this reference you speak of O_o?

Neo Nugget2664d ago

Oh man, I loved Warhawk. Starhawk should be great :D

GiggMan2664d ago

Now if it's not too much trouble, lets see it.

Headquarters112664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Have they announced the game as 'Starhawk' or is everyone just assuming thats the name of the game?

FunAndGun2664d ago

nothing is official just yet.

Kleptic2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

no not officially...but numerous 'insiders' close to Dylan Jobe, the creator of the PS3 Warhawk (and worked on the original PS1 game), leaked the name and a few game mechanics (gameplay both on planets and on orbiting space stations)...

Officially so far...the game doesn't exist...but there have been rumors of 'starhawk' for over a that most likely is the name...

EDIT: Oh ok, I remember when all the starhawk stuff started last year...and rumors of an E3 announcement back then (which was twisted metal instead)...but I didn't know Jobe actually said the name of the game...only that his new studio was working on a new game...

Dark_king2664d ago

It was mister Dylan Jobe that said starhawk is what he is working on.Thats was well over a year ago though on the PS blog.At the time we were not sure if it was Warhawk related because there is a another game called Starhawk.People thought it might be a remake of that Starhawk.

strickers2664d ago

I think Sony trademarked the name around the time people started talking about a Warhawk sequel.

Headquarters112664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Awesome, hopefully a 2011 release date, if true

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