IGN's Contra 4 hands-on: "even on Normal difficulty, it's brutal"

One of the hugely anticipated Nintendo DS games is finally ready for its debut: Contra 4, what Konami's considering the "true" follow-up to the 8 and 16-bit designs, is prepping for its November release.

The thing is, even on Normal difficulty, Contra 4 is brutal. It'll take a dozen tries at least to get through the first level and defeat the boss, and by then you'll be down too many continues to get through the rest of the insanely difficult challenges. Don't think for a second that this game will be a cakewalk to plow through - it took IGN an hour of practice to snag a somewhat clean runthough of Level One in video. Check 'em out below.

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xionpunk4072d ago

i wish i could find a copy of contra shattered soldier for ps2