Insane Ruling: Plastic Wii Zapper Gun Toy Gets PEGI 18 Rating

Playing cowboys and native American indigenous peoples with plastic pretend guns was about the best fun you could have as a six-year old growing up in the wilds of South Yorkshire, SPOnG fondly remembers (perhaps with slightly rose-tinted specs).

Alas, with the modern fear and moral panic over everything and anything to do with guns, it seems that children will not be allowed to play with Nintendo's new Wii Zapper, which is to be slapped with a PEGI 18-rating when it comes out next month.

Perhaps the ban makes a little more sense when you realize that one of the main Wii games to make full use of the gun is the genuinely scary, on-rails survival shooter Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles which Capcom has announced will be hitting shelves on November 30.

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KeiZka4072d ago

Hilarious. Stores can sell authentic looking gun controllers for shootem'ups, without an 18 rating, but this? Gah. Idiocy running rampant.

Capt CHAOS4072d ago

It's the included game (I guess)

cooke154072d ago

How can toy stores sell toy guns?

Wii60PS3DSPSP4072d ago

Im gonna cap sum punks with my Zapper yo! Also is this for the Zapper with the Zelda game that comes with it or is it for the Resident Evil game?

pilotpistolpete4072d ago

Eum right. Will they ban those stupid wiimote "sword" accessories too?

DethWish4072d ago

Ehh lewl..
There have been light guns for years and I don't think any of them has been rated like this?

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