Sony pumps £1m into Ratchet TV campaign

Prime time Saturday night spots secured as SCEE gets behind 'benchmark PS3 title'

Sony is backing upcoming PS3 title Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction with a million pound TV campaign throughout the gifting season.

The platform holder has heralded the game as a 'benchmark' release for PS3 owners, and set its sights on a target demographic that covers the whole family.

"The ad will target 16-34 year olds, with a focus on Saturday night family programming, which draws upon a broad demographic of viewers, matching Ratchet And Clank's target audience," Sony product manager Lucy Garnett told MCV.

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HarryEtTubMan4072d ago

Yea if ur expecting Ratchet nad Clank to not even sell 1 million games.... doubt it considering this is a 14 million dollar franchise.... aka as big as Halo.

aaquib54072d ago

Can't wait to see how much this game sells. Early ratings gave it a 9.7, so here we have it. The first AAA exclusive game on PS3. Backed with a 1Mpound marketing campaign in Europe alone, this game can't fail.

Shadow Flare4072d ago

i defy anyone to say Warhawk isn't AAA

Genki4072d ago

Warhawk isn't AAA. I'm not being an ass, I genuinely feel that way. Although Warhawk is nice and varied(air combat is admittedly second to none), it heavily lacks refinement. It's good, and gets a thumbs up in my book, but is decidedly not a killer app.

As a multiplayer experience, I wholly prefer Resistance. I do love Warhawks premise though, and I think it DESERVES a sequel. If they decide to keep it MP only or w/ SP next time then I at least hope they stick to their guns, because I know the shortcomings of the game are a direct result of it's conflicted development cycle.

My 2 cents. Got diced up by Warhawk fanboys the last time I said it, but I don't care, they're not who I'm talking to.

Synex4072d ago

And I'll be picking up Ratchet and Clank next week.

Ace_Shooter4072d ago

If Warhawk were to have a single player, it would deffinitely be considered AAA. Nonetheless Warhawk is one heck of a game, i never had such joy blowing stuff up.

LOL @ I'll drink to anything.

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Shadow Flare4072d ago

That's great. I think this game really deserves it, the demo is fantastic. Insomniac really is a great company, they've only really been properly working on this for a year and they've managed to pump out another fantastic title

Aye ;)

SimmoUK4072d ago

good idea it's a game that appeals to a wide audience, sony's always invested in multiple genre's that's how they sold 100 million before, i'm getting the game for sure and i agree with shadow warhawk is a fantastic game that everyone needs to play...

darkside4072d ago

haven't seen you post around here in a along time. good to have u back

Skerj4072d ago

About time, they need to start advertising WAY more so I'll never hear that "PS3 has no games" argument ever again. The Ratchet commercials have always been awesome, hell my nongaming family members loved them.

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