Devil May Cry 4 Progress Report

IGN has been following Devil May Cry 4 for quite a while, but one question started to continually pop up whenever they saw the title at events: when will they see anything new for the game? IGN had played through the same levels since March, defeating Berial multiple times, smashing our way through frost demons and patchwork beasts with little effort. But they really couldn't wait to see something, anything new on the game. At Capcom's recent Gamer's Day event, Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi pulled back the curtain on his title, revealing the game on both the PS3 and 360, with a number of new and exciting elements.

The first thing that Kobayashi did was show the tutorial fight between Dante and Nero in the cathedral. IGN had continually seen this battle in trailers, but they had not seen the battle actually go down the way it will in the full game. Apart from gaining a sense of the battle mechanics with the Blue Rose and Red Queen, the entire purpose of the tutorial battle was to teach players how to use the Devil Bringer to slam Dante into the ground three times, which would then precipitate a true boss battle. However, even Kobayashi admitted that the tuning for the title that was running on a debug PS3 was off, as Dante proceeded to hand a severe beating to Nero.

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nevelo074074d ago

getting this on the ps3 because it feels better for anygame that not a fps shooter and doa.

nevelo074074d ago

getting this for the ps3 because the controller feels better for anytype of game except fps shooters and doa.

ruibing4074d ago

I have the DMC anniversary edition that has all three releases for the PS2, so I'm definitely picking this up. Hopefully Nero won't be like Raiden for MGS2.

DrPirate4074d ago

Same, if I had both consoles, I would get it for PS3 because, in my opinion, the dualshock just treats these games better, and the facebuttons make for better mashing.

jesuisankit4074d ago

The report made the game even more promising.. Looking forward to Feb 08 :D

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