Top 5 Movies Ubisoft Motion Pictures Should Make

If you all have not yet heard, Ubisoft have created a motion picture studio dedicated to developing movies based on their huge library of gaming titles.

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BushLitter2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Must....make...Assassin's Creed...

That should be the top 5:
Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed Revelations
Assassin's Creed III

ShadyDevil2578d ago

Assassin's Creed is only ONE title that Ubisoft makes. I personally enjoy Splinter Cell more.

thegamefanatics2578d ago

Gimme Call of Juarez, or FarCry. Nom.

BushLitter2578d ago

I like Splinter Cell, but a movie version would turn out like the Bourne movies. Nothing wrong there's been done

Assassin Creed plays out like Da Vinci Code (the book - not that horrible movie), meets Inception, meets Matrix...

boogey1572578d ago

Splinter cell or rainbow 6 vegas

lpfisher2578d ago

Am I the only one who thinks a Rayman movie could be really good? Not Rabbids (though that would be good too), just Rayman.

ind1fference2578d ago

If only Michael Ironside could be Fisher. Having someone else do it would be awkward IMO

ShadyDevil2578d ago

Bruce Willis. Enuf said.

ind1fference2578d ago

Bruce would be ok if they reimagine SC but he's no Michael Ironside. Just saying

ferelinstincts2578d ago

Most definitely Splinter Cell.:)

Assassins Creed would be good too.