PSU's Skate Review: "Best Skateboarding game to date"

It's very rare to experience a game that challenges our traditional perception of how things should be done for a genre, and reinvents the way we think altogether. EA Box Art's Skate fills a void in our hearts to when the glorious of something old, reinvents the magic of something new. Like all masterpieces, it's not perfect. Despite this, after playing for countless hours, players will be glorified in the sweat of victory from achieving something so visceral and real. So much so, that going back to the games that changed our definition of genres before---become ordinary.


* + Revolutionary controls that work perfectly into gameplay
* + Lifelike physics to portray a more realistic skate boarding experience
* + Great art directions and stylized graphics


* - Soundtrack can become annoying at times
* - Online lags like crazy
* - Not quite up to par with Tony Hawk in terms of features

Overall: 8.5/10

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