GT Countdown - Top 10 Time Wasters

These games offer just enough entertainment to keep us playing but lack the "wow" moments we've come to expect from blockbusters.

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moparful992572d ago

Great list.. I think most gamers have encountered most of the games on this list... ONly one I have not tried is minecraft.. Looks a bit odd... For me games that lack depth like angry birds and those tower defense games loose appeal rather quickly and fade into obscurity but I still play tetris to this day...

RedSoakedSponge2572d ago

seriously man. if u havent bought minecraft already, BUY IT NOW! its so cheap and is so worth it. I thought it looked shit when i first saw videos, but as soon as i understood it i was hooked!

tdrules2571d ago

The amount of PC games in there XD

e-p-ayeaH2571d ago

oh the irony of wasting time is really delusional with this video...

Barajas_2012571d ago

its been a while since the last gt countdown :)