The Mortal Kombat story is awesome! - The Good, Bad, Fugly 10 recently released the 10th episode of The Good, The Bad, and the Fugly:

"April comes to a close, and it closes on a low key note! The new episode of GBF is here and we give the quick rundown of titles that we reviewed in the last week. Niki and Brian will give you the game reviews from April 23 - 29, 2011.

Not everyone wants to read full reviews for every game. We remedy that by doing short 1 minute reviews for each game that we've most recently played. Get all the information you need on a game just by watching this weekly video series! If you like what you see in a game, check out our full review of the title.

This episode, we reviewed 3 games: Mortal Kombat, Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time, and Steel Diver. The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly is a video series from and has a weekly release schedule."

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Hardedge2776d ago

Now we just needs PSN to get back up for some online brutality!

mephman2776d ago

Fatality! I'm surprised MK turned out so well.

tweex2776d ago

I agree. With a franchise that has the legacy that it has, they really stepped up and made an excellent installment this time around.

RedPawn2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

They had to, we're in the second life of fighting games, you know the one where everyone believes tournament play is the only way to enjoy them.

Seriously though, the games direction had to be revamped heavily, cause special moves & fatalities just won't cut it.

tweex2776d ago

I was disappointed in Raving Rabbids since I loved the TV party series. Oh well, maybe next time.

Fallouts2776d ago

the story in mk is how stories should be done for fighting games..

not that bs cooky cutter story, clipse rather, that street fighter and many other fighters have..

netherrealms thank you! you put me back on i gave up on fighting games cause of the story and they never offer much to do offline..

thank you! can you bring back mytholigies again? i know it wasnt well recieved but i loved it and wish fighting games can go in that direction. i want to unlock the move then master it. kon quest was great too challenge tower reminds me of it at some points..

I_killed_TheMart2772d ago

I disagree, i'd rather not see story in a fighting game. That way they can focus and emphasize on the fighting gameplay and nothing else...story is a waist of time, mortal kombat's story was cheesy, too cheesy.. personal opinion of course but I still wish they wouldve just didn't make it. IF your going to do something make sure u do it right...nd they didn't

Fallouts2772d ago

what? what they didnt do right? its a great game all around.. stick with street fighter i guess....