Toshiba Working with Microsoft on New Entertainment Xbox

According to SmartHouse (Australia) on Oct. 19, 2007:

Microsoft, according to insiders at Toshiba owner of the HD DVD patents, claim that Microsoft is working on a brand new Xbox that will incorporate not only a new HD DVD drive but a large hard drive and new entertainment software that is a spin off from its struggling media center offering.

For Toshiba, the device is critical if it is to be successful in beating Sony and the Blu-ray promoters. A senior Toshiba executive in Singapore told SmartHouse that: "An Xbox with a built in HD DVD drive is critical. They and we are working on it. It also has to be more than a gaming machine. Microsoft recognise this. A version of the device may also be sold under the Toshiba brand name."

The new Xbox device [is reported to] include: extensive wireless networking, 1080p playback, a dual HDTV tuner, EPG capability, an open standard docking port similar to the 17 pin iPod port for an MP3 player, and a new open standard chassis system that allows an Xbox to be slotted into a HDTV screen over 40-inch and allow hard drives to be upgraded and expanded similar to the way that users can upgrade the hard drive on a PC.

The new device is expected to be released late in 2008 or at the 2009 CES show in Las Vegas.


Disclaimer: Someone pointed out that David Richards, the journalist who reported the article, may have some credibility issue. Please see Alternative Sources. (Which means you should read his articles with a fair degree of skepticism.)

Debunked: Both Toshiba and Microsoft have denied David Richards' claim.

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predator4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

well if this is true we know that the xbox 3 will not be out in a few years, the 360 is here to stay for a while

Edit : @ Lucreto, if toshiba is funding this, you never now (and this is pure imagination and prob wont come true but its a thought) they could fund to have the old 360s dvd drives changed to HD-DVD, would be nice, but as i sed probly never gona happen. Just a thought

Edit : @ Round peg. thats additional features of the console not actual specs, there was no mention of different gpu's upgrades, or RAM upgrades, things you would expect if this was to be the xbox 720, is just a beefed up version of the 360.

ktchong4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

To me that seems more like Xbox 720 or whatever you call it.

Edit: The most important thing here is the PRICE. When Sony included Blu-ray into PS3, HD players were not ready for mass market and the price of the Blu-ray player kills the PS3. Its price is still not ready for mass market. By including Blu-ray when it's not ready for mass market, Sony has priced the PS3 out of the market.

It's all about the PRICE. PRICE is an important consideration in creating a product. The PRICE must be sensible.

If price is not a consideration, then Microsoft might as well just include a PCD (protein-coated disc) player and bump the price of the Xbox 360 up to $1,200. That's what all the Sony fanboys want to see: for Microsoft to price itself out of the market. Microsoft is succeeding and Sony is failing because Microsoft price its console sensibly and Sony outrageously.

By 2008 or 2009, the prices of HD players will have come down to a much affordable level. THEN it will be a good time to include a HD DVD player into the Xbox 360.

PopEmUp4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Look like 360 have add more months toward it life and that make 720 will be release into spring 2009

actionjackson4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I agree. This generation has been driven primarily on price. As you said this seems most likely as a X720, not a X360. The inclusion of HD-DVD along with the other features would force this product to a very high price at the current time. This is not in MS's favor. But as you mentioned, once the cost these features decreases, then it will justify itself at a lower price. Also, even if they include the HD-DVD player this gen, they will not be able to utilize it as a gaming format, since it will cause them to create a DVD and HD-DVD version to all the games. That would truly cause a stir from current owners, especially the hardcore gamers that were early adopters (the loyalists). These hardcore loyalists are the ones who would spend the money on a system like this, not the casual gamer. And if they are left forced to buy an the external HD-DVD drive to get the best gaming experience on the machine, you would definitely see a lot of bitterness. Third, the user replacable hard drive, although a good idea in the long run, would again piss people off, because a lot of current owners of the X360 have spent some hard earned cash to buy the somewhat expensive hard drives that MS offers for the X360. Lastly, don't forget that every new feature on this new system are feature that MS said are not really needed this generation. The competition will remember this and would stick it in the public's face. MS probably does not want to get tangled in that web. Therefore, as you mentioned, this points to their next gen console.

marinelife94045d ago

I'm definitely waiting to buy a 360 now. They will have to release it at the same price point as the 360 now. They're supposed to have $200 HD-DVD players soon.

pukka_p4044d ago

To Microsoft it's just an off-the-shelf drive that they'll sell games on for their next console. They may have gone HD-DVD as an *add-on* for this gen, but i doubt they're wedded to it.

This is a very big and successful company. Clearly, they will evaluate the HD disk market at the last possible moment (like 12 months before production begins) and choose the format which provides the best cost, performance, media cost. No doubt they would also look at all the data on sales of drives and disks, ie to evaluate future prospects.

If they were choosing today, and didn't have a HD-DVD add-on for this gen, I guess they'd choose bluray. But that decision is at least 12-18 months away, so i reckon they'll wait and see how the variables play out. In my view, it isn't good business sense to go with the previous format, just because you might look a bit silly - there's money at stake here...

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Lucreto4045d ago

It would seriously screw over the 12 million who bought a 360.

This is what I dislike about MS They keep changing the console features after thousands have been sold. The HDMI in the premium version proves it.

I won't be buying a 360 until they keep the hardware at a constant and they release games I like. They have my interest in two of them at the moment.

predator4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

what two games are they?

Edit : @ Lucreto, there are more diverse games on the 360 than there is on the ps3. ng2, alan wake, banjo, Halo wars, Cry, Enternal soneta, End War, KUF, all coming out, and theres lots thats already out, theres lots to choose from thats not racing or fps

Lucreto4045d ago

Lost Odyssey and Mass effect. I need another 8 games before I think about purchasing a 360. I dislike driving games and FPS games so that limits the field a bit.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4045d ago

You mean like when Sony makes a slim line or a 40gb version with no backwards compatibility just so they can continue to force Blu-Ray to it's gamers.

ktchong4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

10? (PS3 should offer more than 10 games you want because it's much more expensive.)

What are the 10 games available right now that you want on PS3? I'm very interested in finding out... LOL.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4045d ago


he was not referring to a different model. Remember the old xbox well hes saying that microsoft might drop support for the 360 in the same manner.

KeMoBLUE4045d ago

IT'S HIS OPINION you microfoft riding fools. geez i love how you guys get so offended when someone talks bad about a console (that you didn't create) and go crazy!!

jeanm33064045d ago

"Jason xg1 - 3 Hours ago- "This is what I dislike about MS They keep changing the console features after thousands have been sold"
You mean like when Sony makes a slim line or a 40gb version with no backwards compatibility just so they can continue to force Blu-Ray to it's gamers."

I think backward compatible is something sony should of remove a long time ago. I have a ps3 i still have some ps2 games lying around i never even play them. I don't even see people playing ps2 games on the ps3 beside god of war 2. The ps2 is a thing int he past move on. Once you play the ps3 you'll never think about the ps2 again. They system is awsome. People who said the ps3 s**k are stupid. The hardware is great, unlike the 360. i guarantee once you buy the hardware you won't be dissapointed. The games are coming, it took microsoft a year to have some appealing software. Sony has a lot of game from their catalog, all they have to do is a sequel and everybody would be jumping. for example, god of war 3 and some other games. Sony haven't even start touching their backward catalog. I don't know if you people are st***id or what. All you people who are saying the ps3 s**k and blah,blah,blah, are just being ignorant. You know once the ps3 reach 300$ you're buying it. you will be the first in line to get it. Microsoft knows it. that's why they are paying for exclusive while company is just offering sony exclusive for free. because without sony around the gaming industry would lose profit. the gaming industry wouldn't be what it is today without sony showing them what it should be about and guiding these people. The ps3 would never fall, you know it, i know it, even microsoft knows it. That's why they launch the 360 a year early because they know they can not compete with sony head to head, that's why they have a faulty system(red ring of death anyone). they know they had no choice. the wii is great because of it's price point(250$) is what the average console should cost. Sony know's the ps3 is expensive that's why they are dropping the price. They realise not everyone would pay 4-500$ for a console and they also realise it's all about the game too., that's why they remove backware compabtible to invest in game for the feature. Would you rather new and better looking game with richer graphic or you rather keep playing last gen.Sony know's if they want to penetrate the market they need a price drop and appealing software. I guarantee you by next year the ps3 will be 300$, that will be the standard price a for while. it's right next to a wii. with appealing software. That's when everyone will jump in.

Lucreto4045d ago


Enternal sonata looks good but it is on the PS3 next year so I will have to thing about that one. As for the rest of the list none seem to have must interest for me.

@The Round Peg

I have Ratchet, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Haze, Oblivion, Folklore. and Assassins Creed This year and White Knight, Final Fantasy 13 series, Devil May Cry 4 next year.

I know there are some multi-platforms in the list and I heard some good things about the PS3 versions.

@Jason xg1

I was referring to adapting current models as the premium had no HDMI and now it does. I have some angry friends with this.

b777conehead4044d ago

jason the 40gig ps3 may not have bc but Sony didn't change the core of the ps3 it will play ps3 games.but if toshiba and ms comes out with this new hddvd and a hard drive that you can upgrade like a computer thats some big differences ie if they made games that utilized hddvd that would upset the masses that do not have a hddvd drive in there 360.Sony waited for bluray and kept it in there 40 gig so ps3 dev know that all sku ps3s have a hard drive and bluray . where the 360 dev are working with some 360 skus with out a hard drive and if they came out with this a hddvd and since all i see from 360 fans is we do not watch movies on our game console why would ms put one in if it wasn't to have more disk space for games.all you people can say what you want about no bc in the 40gig ps3 but it has the core ps3 ie hard drive bluray.

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MrSwede4045d ago

They should have done this from the beginning. With the only next gen system available back then they would have sold many consoles regardless of a higher price.

actionjackson4045d ago

I agree. This would have also extended the life cycle of the product immensely. Not to mention the implications it would have had on the format war. Blu-Ray is ahead right now, not only because of movies, but becuase PS3's games are on BR. With these specs for an Xbox, the arguement wouldn't have been only for Sony when it came to the power and specs of the console. The X360 would have been out the gate with cutting edge specs. But the problem would have been the price. A system, like the one mentioned in the article, would have been ridiculously expensive to build and sell. Especially 2 years ago. They would have released this system for the same price, if not more, than the launch PS3, and would have incurred losses on each system. The price probably outweighed putting out a machine like this. But for the next gen, it's plausible.

Ri0tSquad4045d ago

but it would have been really expensive. This should be saved for the xbox 720 and if its not then i don't see this doing well

Loopy4045d ago

Xbots are coming to tell you how much incorporating the hd-dvd into the x360 is great, and how much Sony incorporating the bluray into the ps3 was a disaster....

ktchong4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

if incorporating a HD DVD player into the Xbox 360 increases its price to $500-$600, then it's a disaster.

"Xbots" are not complaining about the Blu-ray. They've been saying incorporating the Blu-ray and therefore making PS3 into a $500-$600 item is disaster. It's the PRICE, as a result of the Blu-ray, that's a disater.

Blu-ray is not at the mass production price level yet, and by including the expensive Blu-ray component into PS3, that's a disaster. And it is.

leon764045d ago

I'm tottally agree with you!!! but is this hddvd incorporation the real disaster, because if they in the future manage to do games in hddvd (who kmows...), the other millions of owners of the x360 will be screwed up big time!!!!!

Topshelfcheese4045d ago

They can just sell an attachment to all the early buyers, much like the segaCD and 32X attachments. Than a flame war can start all over again, by all the dumb ass loyalists. Play games and don't worry about each others consoles, if you own them all thats great. I own and play all the systems, the way some of you fanboy's talk you would think a sony/microsoft Executive came into your room as a child and raped you.

TheMART4045d ago

Who cares if the HD-DVD is used just for video playback and not for games. Or for those 2% of games that need multiple DL-DVD's on the 360 with a DVD player and one HD-DVD on a 360 that has a HD-DVD possible in the future...

Really. I could care less. The PS3 is sold with a BluRay movie, it clearly indicates its used for pushing the movie format and not so much for the games.

MS could do this just to get on the PS3 and kill BluRay, so that Sony has less and less profit on each sector, gaming, video/hardware. We'll see what happens