Purpose of the new PlayStation logo known

The purpose of the recently registered PlayStation Logo (the big ball with the PlayStation buttons around it)is now known, thanks to an new advertisement in some (game)magazines. The logo will be used as the new logo for the PlayStation Network. Hit the jump if you want to see the advertisement.

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PlayStation3603379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

The Black and White version of the logo looks weird, but the colored version looks pretty dope.

FFVIIFan3379d ago

look a little better when I look at it used in the ad. I still think they could've done better though.

lawman11083379d ago

.....As they did their games

Genki3379d ago

but it could use some color, and I think maybe a spherical wire-frame added to the globe would be a nice touch.

Cool news I least it gives the PSN a bit more of an identity.

Shadow Flare3379d ago

Yeah that's a cool logo! Better than that shopping bag thing

kspraydad3379d ago

isn't the same as confirmation....

pswi603379d ago

i was just trying to get more hits for my blog....

allthough conjecture seems like the newsworthy thing these days.....

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The story is too old to be commented.