IGN Reviews SWAT Target Liberty: 4.5/10

IGN's Sam Bishop writes:
"Hey kids, here's a fun fact for you: did you know that the Special Weapons and Tactics division of our boys in blue is composed of cross-eyed, paint-huffing, speed-walking half-wits that refuse to take orders? It must be true, because that's how they're portrayed in SWAT: Target Liberty, which apparently attempts to replicate the day-to-day actions of some of our most elite public servants -- if said servants were all drooling, inept cretins. "

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HeartlesskizZ4074d ago

I remember when I first play a shooter on a PC.
the first two games I played were IGI(Im Going In) and I loved it.
also a Swat game but dont recall the name. I just know it was before any Ghost Recon game made a hit =)

Que8134074d ago

damn you ign! i base all my purchases around your reviews!

okay, now that i'm being serious; i was really looking foward to this game, but it appears that Sierra just can't make a good CONSOLE/HH SWAT game :(