NPD Data vs. VG Charts Data for the September 2007 Sales

NPD has released its 'September' figures for the United States and Canada for the five weeks of September 2, 2007 to October 6, 2007. Vgchartz figures for the same period and for the same region have also been released. It is now time to compare the two sets of data (avg = total/ number of weeks (5) in the period).

Hardware figures for September were on average 14.4% different between NPD and Vgchartz over the five week reporting period (using absolute value correlation divided by the number of hardware platforms). The differences are quite interesting this month. On a percentage basis PS2 and PS3 had the greatest overestimation by Vgchartz – indicating that these two platforms were likely more impacted by the Halo 3 sales boost than was shown in the Vgchartz data sample. In fact, had this been a four week month, PS3 would have barely sold 100,000 units in the USA and Canada – combined – despite the release of Heavenly Sword and the foot traffic boost at retail from Halo 3. Wii appears nearly unaffected by the increased Xbox 360 sales – posting its second highest NPD figure since December (another 5 week month) of 2006. When compared to other sources, Vgchartz did quite well for the month – as can be seen below (NPD Total = NPD USA + NPD Canada). Hardware data this month was just about spot on in showing the increased PSP sales, strong DS/Wii/360 sales, with Wii being outsold by Xbox 360 by roughly 30,000 units.

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power of Green 4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I was just telling some one the other day on this site that VGC as of late has given the 360 numbers lower than NPD ended up with.

Looks like both Patcher and VGC give too much credit to PS3.

Not saying Patcher will be wrong again.

I think too many people will under estimate the 360 this year and the whole generation for that matter. People may have moved on from the older brands. MSFT's competition could be only superficially countering the 360 with no long term effects we'll see by late 2008 earily 2009.

Sez 4075d ago

yet even with 360 selling 500k units for september they still have 360 at 11.8 units sold and with the ps3 selling 119k they have ps3 at 5mil. when will they update the numbers for the 360 and lower the numbers for the ps3.

ThaGeNeCySt4075d ago

"yet even with 360 selling 500k units for september they still have 360 at 11.8 units sold and with the ps3 selling 119k they have ps3 at 5mil. when will they update the numbers for the 360 and lower the numbers for the ps3."

Which is why I don't even follow VG Charts period.

+ Bubbles

KnowitAll4074d ago

Nasim says VGcharts have the wrong ps3 numbers and he was right!!!! Get VGchart numbers and take off 20% and you have the real ps3 numbers!!!
PS3 sale numbers on VGcharts 168,393
NPD sale numbers 135,000
sales of september

Nice one Nasim I woun't be trusting VGcharts no more!!! they give me wrong ps3 numbers!!!!!

Clinton5144075d ago

Funny that anyone actually follows that site religiously

NextGen24Gamer4075d ago

But yet they always inflate Ps3 numbers. Month after month. This comparisson shows clearly what they do. And the sad part is they don't even correct their numbers once NPD numbers release proving their numbers off. If they are off in North America....They are obviously off in Europe and other countries as well. Octobers numbers will surely be over 500k again. But things should really get exciting this holiday season. How much will the 400 dollar Ps3 boost the Ps3's sales for November? Will the Ps3 sell more than the Wii or the xbox 360 in November for the first time in 12 months on the market? Will Mass Effect surpass the incredible hype its getting?

Its a Great time to be a Gamer for sure.

TheMART4075d ago

Fun thing is, months ago Sony fanboys (DJ running in front there) were saying VGChart is having right numbers, Nexgen doesn't.

Then the PS3 really almost stopped selling and suddenly the PS3 fanboys also don't trust VG anymore. But in reality the PS3 estimates on VG are still a bit too positive and the 360 estimates are too low stated there.

Which I find very funny. In reality the PS3 doesn't really sell and the 360 does.

vaan4075d ago

The fact that you are probably the biggest troll on this site (even more so than PowerOfPeen) and all the real gamers that just want game info and not FUD, or anti Sony BS do not give two sh1ts about anything you say.
Hell, maybe if you kept your trolling fanboy bullsh1t down a little, you could sneak by with the odd FUD or BS comment here and there. But no, you are a laughing stock, and a loser. You are always par for the course.

TheMART4074d ago

Even funnier then that is:

Who of the two of us has the less bubbles? I guess you're a little sneaky fanboy yourself.

All just stated is the truth, you know it happened. Only thing is, you own a PS3 and you feel offended if I say the thing know isn't worth investing in. My bad if you feel kicked in the balls

JasonPC360PS3Wii4075d ago

Yeah not seeing much of the droids sense the numbers came in, guess they can't figure a way to spin the numbers (to much truth)

vaan4075d ago

You, Penis, the are all the worst fangirls here. It's you girls that pretty much ruined what was a great idea to begin with. (N4G)

jackfatal4075d ago

they live in another world! and they are fanatics about MS and x360 maybe because its USA company!! they forgot that they should be gamers before backing up multi billionaire company that they always produce bad quality software and hardware with the 360!!

if there is an Apple console i really might buy because am sure the hardware at least will last with me for long!! BUT MS??? NO WAY!!

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