Miyamoto: We're "hoping to evolve" the Wii

Nintendo Universe writes:

Within a recent interview, legendary videogame developer Shigeru Miyamoto has commented that Nintendo are "hoping to evolve" the Wii past its "family orientated, played in the living room" nature.

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Droid Control2360d ago

No chance.

No one is going to buy 8 year old hardware now other that casual noobs.

Seedhouse2360d ago

I think he means with Project Cafe ;)

matey2360d ago

if he wanted he could make the wii amazing all he has to do is link up with a few 3rd partys on mature games and thats it done

Valk2360d ago

They tried exactly that with Wii and 3rd parties dropped the ball big time.

soren2360d ago

MATURE? lol define that guts an gore and profam? sry but that makes a game corny scary violent ok but god of war and mortal combat no just no