Disney confirms lay-offs Split/Second's dev Black Rock

TechNoid writes: “Disney confirms that their reducing the amount of workers at Black Rock.”

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antauwnehart2487d ago

split second is a 7/10 game. It really wasn't that great.It should be no surprise that layoffs happened!

heylo2487d ago

"split second is a 7/10 game."

except it's not...
84.19% @

crematory2487d ago

wasn't great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would like to know u norms on arcade racing games

MmaFan-Qc2487d ago

they saw MS:A and simply said "fuck it, our split second 2 will look like ass in comparison....cancel it..."

Quagmire2486d ago

I think MS:A owes itself to S/S, after all it gave birth to the environemental destuction in a racing game, which looks to continue the trend with NFS The Run.

MmaFan-Qc2486d ago

i played both games and they are differents.

Split Second you press a button to activate a trap.....thats about it.

MS:A you directly RACE INTO crazy shits and level dynamic changes....wich is better(imo offcourse)

Shadow_DR22487d ago

I actually loved Split Second. It was a something that was rare, a risk-taker game. Sure, taking risks has its drawbacks such as being built from the ground up and how well they could get the game going, especially if they were on a budget. Bet you that if they make Split Second 2, it would surpass the first one in every way for they would now have had time to polish and add stuff to the sequel than focus on building the game from scratch.

I still have hopes for Split Second 2.

Redempteur2487d ago

Split/second 2 was refused by the new disney direction .. it's dead ..sadly ...

and i loved the first ...

RankFTW2487d ago

Split/Second is a great game, proud to have platinum on it.

Quagmire2486d ago

Damn, musta taken ages. Some of the races were insanely hard, but it had that great old-skool difficulty about it.

DocHoliday2487d ago

This recession just got real!

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The story is too old to be commented.