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PSN being tested by selected gamers

PSX-Sense writes: "The PSN should be coming back this week, but no sign of it yet. Till now, because we have an video that the PSN is being tested by Sony and gamers!" (PS3, Tag Invalid)

Credit url: psx-sense.nl
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Joni-Ice  +   1393d ago
Whats funny about the video is not only this guy shows that he is clearly online but he just happens to have 3 friends online too. Its one thing if you are helping to test servers but whats the chances that 3 friends are too. I smell fakeness.
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leogets  +   1393d ago
by a select few he may mean in his region. or he has faked it to get millions of subscibers wanting the next video update. hmmmm dont know man. everyone bullshits over the web i know that for sure lol
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Istanbull  +   1393d ago
It's definitely fake. He keeps advertising his shitty channel throughout the video. He doesn't show

1) a sign in process.

2) PSN is open for "select users" yet 3 friends are online.

3) Look on the top right "Download the full game today!" Bearing in mind PS Store is offline, it doesn't even say what game to download.

4) He is NOT PS+ member. He has a PS Plus but he isn't one! (check his YGC trophy card)

5) He doesn't even move the XMB. Video looks recorded on PC, and edited.
Trey_4_life  +   1393d ago
@Istanbull, nice copy and paste comment. you should refrain from using other peoples comments from youtube whilst implying that it was your comment.

Add speech marks.
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NiKK_419  +   1393d ago
Maybe he has a YouTube account and posted the same comment on there? I know I have one and i post the same comment on both sometimes
yazter  +   1393d ago
Nope I posted that comment.
movements  +   1393d ago
Why are three of his friends chosen for the test? That's not random....Something seems fishy.

Edit: Anyway, I hope this is real. I'm overdue some KZ3 Helghast action.
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movements  +   1393d ago
And why doesn't he move the options and show us some stuff....I dunno.
BlueTemplar  +   1393d ago
Not saying its legit but there wouldnt be much point in getting gamers to test network features in isolation - in that kind of scenario they would most likely get everybody involved to add each other as friends to test game invites, chat functions, etc
Oschino1907  +   1393d ago
I want it to be real so well yeah its real! lol but really though if he has done this before for vids i see nothing fishy alothough at first i did think it was strange, I just hope it is real.

For everyone asking what are the chances 3 of his friends are also online, well if he has connections and was asked to test the service you would think perhaps some of those people also have PSN accounts and would also be testing, DERP! and another theory as to why he may not be moving around or going into anything may be the simply just asked him to log on and nothing else, he may not even be able to access any other services other then just being on.
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Sevir04  +   1393d ago
I doubt it. it looks pretty legit to me!
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Headquarters11  +   1393d ago
translate.google should be forbidden from making any submissions on N4G
BloodyNapkin  +   1393d ago
Why is it he is on the Home Icon, but the Playstation Home background isnt showing up? I call Fake....
Oschino1907  +   1393d ago
Only thing that really bothers me
gunbarrel2142  +   1393d ago
what if those are the other select gamers
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1393d ago
Ok im not saying it's real or fake but this has alot of problems. One i keep seeing is that PS HOME background should be showing. Well that background only shows if you have PS HOME installed, I dont have it installed so the background does not show. It may b the same for him
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mastiffchild  +   1393d ago
Same as that Stolen. I don't have room for it on one of our old 60gigs that I never changed the HDD on and this would happen on that console too-exactly the same.

I, also, have no claims to this being real but I DO imagine there's SOME testing being done and if so someone, somewhere would leak it wouldn't they? That's the only thing-dunno how real or fake this one actually is but the scenario MUST be happening somewhere if PSN is seriously close to coming back.
MainEv3nt 69  +   1393d ago
he is hovering over the home icon without that image showing up of what home is so it might be fake
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Emilio_Estevez  +   1393d ago
Or home isn't back. They said it would come back at a later date.
Damiann  +   1393d ago
Looks pretty real, his other video's are also about PSN and maybe he does have connections with SONY.
leogets  +   1393d ago
hope your right brother. we are due to go back up surely lol
xPhearR3dx  +   1393d ago
Going to call fake for a couple reasons. He didn't do ANYTHING the entire video but hover over an icon. He could have easily took the scrolling marquee from one of his previous videos and simply edited it into the video. This would be a very easy job considering his background is completely pitch black. Also the Playstation Home image should have loading after sitting on the icon for 2 minutes straight.

Eh that's just my thoughts.
MattyTM  +   1393d ago
does smell fishy
Damiann  +   1393d ago
In his previous video's, he isn't doing anything as well in the menu.
WitWolfy  +   1393d ago
Wong he is doing something... LYING through his teeth. God what shit people will do when PSN offline
stuna1  +   1393d ago
It's fake! Look at the ticker bar next to the time, it's looping. Also the time is moving at an accelerated rate.
Oschino1907  +   1393d ago
Not sayin it is real but EPIC FAIL on your part, at :42 it goes to 2:50 and at 1:42 it goes to 2:51!!! also it may be on a loop since the whole system was rebooted and wouldnt have anything new scrolling yet except a basic message. Stop and think before you embarass your self...
Orionsangel  +   1393d ago
The Service is coming back online slowly, not all at once. So it would make sense that some normal features would not be up and running yet.
AliC  +   1393d ago
I'd go with fake as well.
MickcDivis  +   1393d ago
Lol sony hasnt comfirmed that it is up anywere r online to be tested by a few people so i think its fake but could be wrong
claterz  +   1393d ago
If they confirmed it then people would be rushing to get online all at once. Maybe they just wanna test it for a few people. Note that it's also very early in the morning where he is, which means very few people will be online in that area.

EDIT - Actually, he's over the HOME icon but nothing is happening in the background. When I go to the HOME icon on my PS3 the background changes to bright blue...
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MickcDivis  +   1393d ago
Lol hes fakeing it u can tell by his voice he talks abt 4 2sec n goes on till rock band r sumfin hes full of shit if u ask me
MickcDivis  +   1393d ago
and he goes for select users hahahaahahaha omg he is full of shit like
Black102WingS  +   1393d ago
For god sake sony give us a date already on when the online we'll b back. Jeeezh
nevin1  +   1393d ago
i agree with this. this is getting ridiculous by the hour
stevemanjou  +   1393d ago
craigfeel  +   1393d ago
Why do people do this. I believe it is a fake. Stop putting up fake news.
Mr_cheese  +   1393d ago
Just a quick note and something I haven't seen or noticed on my ps3 but when we log in does every system display the avatar and ps+ symbol up in the top right with date and time or is this new?
Mr_cheese  +   1393d ago
Gutted how I get a disagree for asking a question :(
DBDET  +   1393d ago
Now On PlayStation®Store - Download the Full Game Today!

It feels like there's something just missing between.
claterz  +   1393d ago
That may be because the playstation store isn't up yet. Sony said the PS store won't be up at the same time as PSN.

Anyway, I'm still confused! I want it to be real though.
DBDET  +   1393d ago
I do not believe that Sony will do something like that without notice, but it would be cool to be true. We all want to play :)
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TheBrightIdea  +   1393d ago
This is how a zombie outbreak starts. ..no psn is the beginning.......brains...
tommy-cronin  +   1393d ago
Theres an upside to that, Hackers brains are said to be of the sweetest brain, and lets just say the typical undead would catch them faster than Sony would
BullCrap  +   1393d ago
Unless the new firmware has changed the XMB, from icons being deferent colors, i say this is fake. Nothing going on in the background, hes hovering over home icon but no blue screen, the remote icon is blue, a plus icon, ticker in a loop video is spliced together, can tell from the clock. FAKE, and why is he talking about rockband. I sy he needs hits for some protest hes doing for rockband.
AliC  +   1393d ago
As far as I understand you'll need a new firmware which will be a forced update for everyone due to the need to change the password.

This update would be available for everyone since, account verification is not needed to get those updates (you can't login until you have the latest firmware) it determines that before verifying account.
ftwrthtx  +   1393d ago
If they had a download link for the update emailed to them, they could then download and install it manually using a USB drive.
ftwrthtx  +   1393d ago
I call BS. If he's online, why not show us his actual signing in?
Jason143  +   1393d ago
what a load of crap. Really? You hyave nothing better to do then make shit up?
bayport  +   1393d ago
If he would scroll over to his system settings to see if he has FW 3.61 that would be some nice proof
bayport  +   1393d ago
Take a look at the date in the top right hand corner. The time even moves! :P

Who knows
leogets  +   1393d ago
good spotting their bro. must be real then. if that was super impossed no one woulda thought about the time moving and woulda got caught out lying that way.good find bro.on to the next ;)
Mister_G  +   1393d ago
Huge success!

Thanks for posting :)
TheTruth89  +   1393d ago
i can't belive this sh!t is approved
HardcoreHDGamer  +   1393d ago
Does it matter?

When it's up, it's up. Stop worrying over nothing.
R34L_CRiTiC4L  +   1393d ago
Its funny cus if he showed his friends then we would see the last time they signed in and if it was 1 day ago u know what i mean

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