Super Street Fighter II HD: Shaky Cam Gameplay Footage

The first footage of Street Fighter II HD in action.

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HeartlesskizZ3954d ago

anyone knows how much this cost for the PSN?

TeaDouble_E3954d ago

Im not sure how much it cost, Im guessing 10 dollars.

[email protected]3953d ago

Between $20 or $30 dollars top.

lilwingman3954d ago

Geez I hope they fix the god-awful frame rate.

lovedaddy3954d ago

There is some comment on there saying the framerate was because of the cam-phone rather than the game. Fingers crossed thats the case!

mighty_douche3954d ago

come on now, if the original ran on the SNES no worries im sure some fancy new HD graphics aint gonna cause the ps3/360 and problems. fingers crossed.


WilliamRLBaker3953d ago

you can easily see that has fine frame rate its a freaking cam video its not direct feed and even i can see the frame rate is stable.

*rolls eyes* and it looks like that guy was having no problem with 360 controller playing it.

TeaDouble_E3954d ago

The screen to bright, you cant see the detail of the game !

bootsielon3953d ago

I was expecting more effects and more gameplay additions

jahcure3953d ago

Attack me if you dare, i will CRUSH you!

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