Split/Second 2 project is terminated?

Layoffs confirm the sequel to be cancelled?

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Jio2514d ago

Liked the concept of the first game but it got repetitive quick. I was expecting an extreme Burnout, but all I got was an average game with pre-rendered car damage. Maybe the sequel could have changed that

ComboBreaker2514d ago

So it's understandable why Disney would cancel it.

BeckyLikesChocolate2514d ago

hope not. the first is very fun. all it needs is more depth offline and on and ss2 could deliver that if its not cancelled

Scyrus2514d ago

game is extremelly fun, me and my fiance loved it, very sad the 2nd one is getting canned :( thank goodness for motorstorm

Red_Phoenix2514d ago

The first run through of each track/event was a blast in the original Split Second, but as 'Jio' mentioned, it does become extremely repetitive unfortunately.

SpaceFox2514d ago

Ah that sucks. There was also supposed to be a Pure sequel. Both were really fun, and I think they knew how to improve them for the sequels. Shame.

TheRacingX2514d ago

Well lets hope that is not the case, I really liked split down the runway in the airport track as a huge crashing plane is playing chicken was a great moment when you experienced 1st hand....

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The story is too old to be commented.