Sony's PSN compensation is a disgrace

MMGN: Sony needed to handle the whole situation much better. They took too long to be truthful with us, and have turned the compensation into a marketing ploy to get gamers to sign up to their paid services. It’s an absolute disgrace.

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dvfaa2389d ago

people are too greedy these days.. i wish i could report this

Joni-Ice2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

This same type of article was already posted two days ago guys. It also has the same title. Old news, We already had the PSN Compensation is a disgrace conversation. Its squared away.

thugbob2389d ago

Even if it's a marketing ploy so what? Is it bad for Sony to want more PS+ users? Jeezzzz PSN is FREE. If Sony had gave nothing I wouldn't be upset at all. Seriously, what do you people eant Sony to give?

HolyOrangeCows2389d ago

Free stuff in exchange for the inconvenience of a free service shutting down and "leaking" phonebook-level info ("Bu bub but teh useless encrypted CC info!").

Their evil plan to get us to sign up for It's a month worth of free access to games, 60-minute full game demos, etc. It's a gift for the inconvenience. Will some people sign up after because they got an awesome taste of it? Of course. But it's not like Sony shut down PSN for a plot to sell us PS+.

Logicless conspiracy is logicless.

MaxXAttaxX2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

The spins some of these "journalists" come up with, that's a disgrace.

Army_of_Darkness2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I find it so stupid how the media/ some game reporters are putting down sony?! I just dont get it?!
Sony has tons of first party developers constantly on their feet making great games for us all, plus giving us free online to go with it!!! Why would any gamer hate on that?!?! F**kin retards! Think of the big picture here....

ComboBreaker2389d ago

I took the plunge and bought three 360s.

Unfortunately, they all RRoD-ed, so I came crawling back to the PS3.

True story.

I also bought a Wii... then realized Nintendo doesn't have an online service.

IHateYouFanboys2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

@HolyOrangeCows: "phonebook-level info "

wow, your phone books have your email address and date of birth in them do they? where do you live? cause ours here in Australia have a name, address and a phone number, and thats only if you CHOOSE to have your details listed.

I chose not to. you will not find my name, address or phone number in any phone book, let alone my date of birth or personal email address.

it was NOT just basic 'readily available to everyone' information like some people like yourself are trying to make out. it was users private information.

@NathanExplosion: "Free content is now bad? "

youre missing the point - its not really free because once the month runs out you no longer have access to it. its a loan.

i dont expect compensation, but if theyre going to say theyre giving compensation, dont do it in a sly way like this.

DOMination2389d ago


The data taken from the PSN is still nothing when compared to what you can find with a quick search on the net.

If you go to and search you can not only find peoples address, phone number and relatives but also links to their personal amazon wish list, facebook, myspace, linkedin pages etc.

Oner2388d ago

Ok here is what will be offered/available for the outage with PS+ along with some other stuff that I am aware of (please add/correct anything necessary) ~

1 - PS1 Game
2 - PSP/PS Mini Games
1 - PSN Game
Free Theme(s) (dynamic and/or static)
Free Premium Avatar(s)
Discounts on purchases between 20-50% off
1 - PS Qore Digital Video Magazine (May's Issue)
Early demo download(s)
1 - Infamous 2 Beta access (most likely as this month is when it wil be available on PS+)
1 - Full Game Trial
Automatic Downloads
Cloud based game saving
And more

This will apply to ALL existing PlayStation Network customers and will be provided for 30 days free membership. Current members of PlayStation Plus will receive 30 days free service additional to their subscription.

Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity subscribers (in countries where the service is available) will receive 30 days free service.

Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon. <-- (My guess is maybe some free movie from the PS Movie Store? Or stuff for PS Home maybe? We'll have to wait and see for this.)

Now since PS+ is in part like a rental service (say like GameFly) you will not be able to keep some of the content you download. So say you DL 1 PS Game, 2 PS Mini's, 1 PSN Game and Qore then proceed to play/beat/view/use/grow tired of said content when the 30days ends you won't be able to use/keep them (any trophies earned WILL be kept though)...Now for items like ~ dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons that you download (some exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only) they will be yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.

Additionally anything you buy with the PS+ Discount is yours to keep and enjoy forever. So something that you buy at a deep discount like, lets say...some kind of COD:BO Map Pack DLC that is part of the specials for that month is yours 100%.

Anon19742388d ago

I couldn't disagree more with this article. We're talking about a free network here that's been down for only a couple of weeks. It's not like I can't play my PS3 during that time. And PSN+ is a great value. That enables users to play dozens of games free of charge for that month that they normally would have to shell out for.

Yeah, it sucks Sony's network was targeted by thieves who apparently got away with our personal information, but the credit card data was encrypted and company's have so far reported no fraud linked to the release of that data. My home address and name is in the yellow pages to anyone who wants to look it up. That part really isn't that big of a deal to me. I'll still keep my cc number online and I won't change my gaming habits with regard to the PSN because I truly feel that while unfortunate - this really isn't that big of a deal. The way people are going on you'd think this was the first time personal information had ever been hacked.

ZombieNinjaPanda2388d ago


I was thinking the same thing, what Phonebooks have Credit Card information in them also?

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Headquarters112389d ago

30 day trial for a service which I have no interest in. Thanks a lot SONY! Def. worth the 2+ week wait!

UP2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

you also get other free content. And I would use the 30 day trial to get all the free avatars and themes (which you can keep), get discounts on games (which you can keep) and to play the free games you get quickly because they do go away.

rjdofu2389d ago

So WTF do you want? Discount to many games, themes, avatars you purchase is not good enough for you?

MysticStrummer2389d ago

I'm not sure how anyone can evaluate the compensation yet. Sony already said there would be more announcements about it. I'm glad they're focusing on the important things first. Of course, there will be those who'll say that if they had focused on the important things before the breach happened, this mess wouldn't have to be cleaned up now. To that I say, let's try to keep it real. Multiple big name companies, and even the US government, have been breached by this same kind of hacker scum before and it will happen again. Sony needs to get things as secure as possible before turning their attention to appeasing the users of their free service.

wsoutlaw872389d ago

Who cares if you only get the plus games for a month. Its a month, how long do you need. If someone gives you a game for a month why complain. What, do you expect them to give 77 million users 100$. Thats insane. The hack is costing enough as it is. The only compensation they needed to provide was the identity theft security.

xAlmostPro2389d ago

It's far from a disgrace.

I mean why are people so annoyed about the 30days free playstation plus?..

Yeah ok there's a chance sony may gain from it, but that doesn't remove the fact that on top of the downloadable game everyone gets, you'll be getting more FREE content, games, discounts, themes, avatars, and if you wish to use it for a month cloud storage. They are only going to gain from this if people like the service and if they do whats the big deal there?..

Just another petty reason to hate by another wrongly informed journalist. The hackers accessed the personal info, that doesn't mean it was taken sony aid it may have been taken just to be 'safe' and to warn everyone.

Sony also never took to long to tell everyone, they told everyone everything as soon as they knew, they can't tell you what you don't know, they had to wait for the experts to fully figure out the full extent.

Plus they've already stated that CC data was encrypted and they don't store the 3 digit codes. Meaning even if they cracked the ebcryption they don't have the CVC/Security code which is mandatory for online non-physical purchases.

Sometimes i feel like i should create a gaming site, websites with journalists like this just annoy me.

ozsman2389d ago

question i have you need a cc to sign up to this even though its free?

darksied2388d ago

Same here. But he's right about one thing, SONY shouldn't have given ANYTHING in compensation, since they really don't owe us anything. THEN I would like to read these articles and laugh where whiners like this, instead of complaining, are begging for compensation and free stuff for their "time lost."

Don't get me wrong, Sony is pretty cool for giving a month free of PSN, and some future store downloads for free, but I hate it when people use it as an excuse of "it's not enough."

I_Guts_I2388d ago

GREEEEEEED its a sin you know.

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7SBuzzLightyear7S2389d ago

I'll only get mad once it passes 30 days of no PSN. If not, then I'm all for it.

Not sure how anyone can be upset with 30 days of PSN Plus, if PSN is only down for let's say, 26 days.

featherbottom2389d ago

Am I correct in assuming that once this 30 day period is up, all the games and purchases made through and with the advantages of Playstation Plus will be inaccessible?
So it's basically a rent-a-compensation, correct?
I think, knowing that, I couldn't even enjoy the 30 days.

PSPDude792389d ago

The only thing you'll be locked out of is the free games. Free avatars and themes are yours forever as well as purchases made on discounted games.

P_Bomb2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

You're wrong in assuming, feartherbottom. You don't lose your purchases or free DLC/avatars/themes. Even your cloud saves are still stored for 6 months after the sub' expires as a contingency.

Lots of misinformation out there for an almost year old program.

Not a very good article either, makes a lot of assumptions about Plus and the potential appeal of the separate, still unknown free games.What if you get something like SoldnerX-2 and are surprised that it's actually a really good shmup? Will you write a retraction?

Personally, I'm glad SOE is comping me a free month ($15 value) of DCUO on top of the days I've lost and with a tier 1 or 2 face armor.

r212389d ago

funnily, i posted a blog on N4G with information bout this gift, just in case PSN users are new to the term or bit confused BUT it hasn't been approved yet :L oh well.....

wsoutlaw872389d ago

how long do you need to beat a psn game

xAlmostPro2389d ago

Only the free games(downloaded specifically by ps+) will be locked once the sub is up, any games bought discounted or themes/avatars will still be yours

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Joni-Ice2389d ago

Here we go again Dart89. Old news. Same BS.

Silly gameAr2389d ago

It always seems like it's the same people approving theses types of articles.

PantherDST2389d ago

We live in an entitlement age. Everybody wants something for nothing... Quite trying to stir up something you don't deserve. Waaa I couldn't use PSN for over a week... I want a year of free games and a trip to the GDC. Anything less and I'll cry and whine and post articles on the internet.

Achemki2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

[QUOTE]Who in their right mind is actually paying for PlayStation Plus[/QUOTE]

Wow MMGN/Ben Salter, what an unecessary troll dig. I was once a skeptic but after trying a 3 month plan I liked it because:

Cloud Storage. Demon's Souls save finally safe.
PS Plus DCUO beta convinced me to buy the game.
Exclusive 30+ MvC3 avatar bundle rocks.
Never would've tried Sam&Max otherwise ($35 value) and I enjoyed it.
Got Dead Nation for cheap.
MAG free to play.
Buncha mini's free for my PSP.
I keep all trophies earned and all free avatars/themes.
Early demos rock (MortalKombat, KZ3).

[QUOTE] The compensation would have been more gracious had Sony announced what the software is.[/QUOTE]

Then maybe you should wait until they know what it is, like they asked you to in their press release. FFS, PSN ain't even up yet, where were you planning on downloading it from? How bout you wait to judge until you actually have the game(s) and the network is actually back instead of rushing a cynical column to print. Moron.

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