In Memoriam: Good Bye, Offline

GameThirst: Many a gamer might disagree with me, but offline gameplay is nearing its end.

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Joni-Ice2512d ago

The reason why I think offline or story mode will never leave is because there are people who really like a good story mode and buy a game just for the story ie LA Noire. Also after playing a multiplayer game its good to go back to a great story. Sometimes multiplayer can be annoying.

M-Easy2512d ago

Dude don't take this crap seriously. gamethirst has never provided a good story, just a bunch of bull-malarkey.

madcowz642512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

Well as much as I hope they're right, I agree.

mikeslemonade2512d ago

How much is PSN when it comes back online? Oh... that's right it's free!

Scyrus2512d ago

Im a singleplayer dude. storyline always beats MP for me.

sure fighting games are my fav genre, but nothin beats a good SP game. i mean seriously, games like uncharted 2, and heavy rain stay stuck with you.

and well i love jrpgs, Rpgs and Action games like DMC and ninja gaiden, soooo yeah, i'd rather stomp on COD than give those games up

wsoutlaw872512d ago

With no offline means no Demons souls, GOW, red dead, and other great games like that. I was lost when the psn went off but ive realized that when it comes back on ill still keep just playing Dead Space and Heavy Rain, i just might get a few online matches in FN champion and KZ3. The only people who think sp is going away is people who only play shooters. Too me atleast you can only play so many death matches. I had just as much fun beating the story mode in KZ as I did online.

oneDMAC2512d ago

Online will be here for a long time. How else can you compete with people all over the world? This might be the dumbest articles I have ever read.

DrRobotnik2512d ago

I thought it said offline?

oneDMAC2512d ago

It did. I was on my way out the door when I saw it and replied. My apologies.

hiredhelp2512d ago

SP can't die. Multiplayer is all well and good but it has it's issues. It's not solid. To even make it feel as good as a SP witch doesn't obviously lag have bad glitches and you don't need to worry about disconectons. it also is a chance for gamers to be submersed into a story follow it threw on a personal level just you and the game. Chance to explore look at every detail instead rushing around cos you can't wait for too long in MP in case you get a bullet up your butt. To me good part of the price I pay for Amy game is cos the SP
I would not want to pay £40 $60 for online game .

Ace_Pheonix2512d ago

I'm all about a good single player story. There's a reason the MGS series along with Fumito Ueda's work is my very favorite. Online games are fun I suppose, but really I think they're a waste of time and are terribly repetitive. And you get what, experience points? And level up? Wooooo, now you're tickling my fancy. Now that'll entertain me.

lazertroy2512d ago

Blame Microsoft just like music,tv etc. everything is dying. 2012

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The story is too old to be commented.