NPD Numbers: The Sony Take

Where Microsoft was all about the here and now, pointing to their monstrous victory in September hardware sales, Sony's comments on last month's numbers were a bit more analytical, more... forward thinking.

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BIadestarX4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

"Sony's comments on last month's numbers were a bit more analytical, more... forward thinking" ohh please... don't give me that crap... cry me a river... analitical my @$$...
The PS3 just got raped by the xbox 360 and Sony is talking about the PSP, PS2 and Ratchel and Clank!? Please Sony stop with the bull...
you better start thinking about the how you are planning to stop Master chief to from sticking the Gravity Hammer up little yellow cat @$$ this XMass... and that's not even counting... Ace Combat... Mass Effect... why don't you forward think about that.

@nasim - Nasim why don't you show the sales figures... so you we can all compare it with the US numbers... mmm... the US represents 60-70% of the game industry... 60% of all PS2 were sold in the US making it the most important region for the game industry.... Isn't proof enough after two years for constant b!tch slapping against the PS3 proof that the xbox 360 DO NOT NEED japan to succeed? Japanese developers are making games for the xbox 360.. including Square.... so... who cares if the PS3 is selling 10K more consoles than the xbox 360 in japan if is behind by 400K in the US... can't you do the math?
Heck.. even Canada compensates for the lead Japan gives the PS3... you are acting as if the PS3 is selling 200K consoles a week in Japan... PS3 sells are better than the xbox 360 in Japan.. but are sad on anyone's standard...

and about Europe... didn't they get a price drop? arent those people pissing in their pants after the 60GB SKU because Sony is removing B.C?
The PS3 beat the xbox 360 by a few K... for 1 week... and you are already calling victory?

The US numbers alone pushed back the PS3 chances of catching up by another 6 months...

nasim4079d ago

what does x360 have besides Halo 3 ..nothing . You have noting except that

BUT the 40gig is coming to NA and dont forget our mega weapons are yet to be unleashed --FF13,MGS4 and GT5

Rtachet and PES are more than enough to see ps3 outsell x360 10:1 in JAPAN next week and 2:1 in EUROPE next week AS ALWAYS

SonySoldiers4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

OMG, why do these people trust the NPD numbers???? They're so fake.

Listen to SONY, it's the damn source of truth!

jaja14344079d ago

I really have no comment, I just thought it was funny that the first 3 people to respond all had 1 bubble. Tee Hee!

Sez 4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

i'm starting to feel sorry for isn't doing well. i see why they need the price drop and no B/C.

edit: for the person that disagreed with me. were am i wrong at. sony didn't drop the prices because it not many 40gig unit sold so far as aposed to the 60gig. sony is not desparate at this point to move console going into the holiday season. explain to me why you disagree or are you a coward that likes to hit the disagree botton.

cuco334079d ago

when posters 1, 1.1 and 1.2 don't show up all because they have 1 bubble

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toughNAME4079d ago

does anyone think Sony is putting too much into Ratchet and Clank?

I mean the PS3 has diversity for sure...but come on guys...grow up

Baba19064079d ago

i dont think sony is putting to much into R&C, its the fans that are.

Alvadr4079d ago

Dont you think MS put too much into Halo3?

doomsonyman4079d ago

this artical is true the ps3 is increasing in sales world wide and will soon overtake the 360 and wii in sales. i mean come on think about it ratchet and clank was one of the most popular franchises on the ps2 and combined to sell 13 million copies on the ps2 and will be cruchle disciding factor in if people will buy a ps3 or a 360 and wii. but you also can't forget about haze and uncharted, these games are true representations of what the playstation 3 can do and are far b3yond anything the 360 can offer, and so is ratchet and clank.

i mean just think about it!! all sony has to do is figuar out how to attract and cross over all there ps2 owners and sony already won the console war. it's as simple as that and sony have alot of mass market games like little big planet sing star buzz sly cooper jak and daxter ratchet and clank and god of war. we already have ratchet and clank which japan uk and u.s. love but all sony really has to do is release there back catolouge and it's game over.

and remember the ps2 didn't sell well in the begining either buit sells increased little buy little over time and its become a world wide industry leading console, and the same will soon happen with playstaion 3

TylerDurden4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Just more spin from Sony and you guys eat it up. In September 2001, not even a year after the PS2 had been released in America unit sales were 19.57 million:

Those sales figures are a lot better than just barely over 5 million that the PS3 currently sits at.

Apparently the Wii and 360 are doing a better job of converting PS2 users.

notsonice4079d ago

Someone had to say it...

Proxy4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Hmm... Something not adding up here? 19 million in America? That chart has a hard time demonstration that the PS2 had sold 19 million in the whole world after a year. A mistake by vgchartz perhaps?

This also shows there is a somewhat valid comparison of the PS3 and PS2, although the PS3 is begining to lag behind, as you can see. So your point does have some validity to it.

While were on the subject, let me mention that the original XBox had sold about 11.2 million in it's first two years (actually, these numbers are just under two years, it would probably be closer to 11.5 for the true two year sells). I've seen that number recently...

It's all about the games folks. I'm not a stock holder, why do I care how many sale?

stonedog4079d ago

did not sell well in its first year? What are you talking about. All I remember was not being able to get a PS2 and people selling them initially for crazy amounts of money. Indeed the shortage hyped the product and helped to drive sales. It was this type shortage that M$ was accused of creating artificially when it launched the 360. Whatever way you cut it PS3 is in trouble. The US market is the largest and most important; it is a cohesive market where a lot units can be shipped. Cultural differences across the globe mean that different games are needed due to cultural differences. Sony wants and needs to own the US market like it did with the PS2 and that is not happening right now. Sony needs lower prices and AAA exclusive games>

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HarryEtTubMan4079d ago

ps3 is preparing for domination... all u fanboys are squirming hahaha. Imagine when it drop to 300$?? WOOOOWWWW Playstation Playstation PLAYSTATION.

Covenant4079d ago

Too much spin!

And once MS and Nintendo weigh in, it'll be a freakin' hurricane! :)

This must be what it's like to be a White House spokesman...

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