Should We Sue Sony?


"An Ontario woman who used Sony's PSN and Sony Online Entertainment services has initiated a class-action lawsuit in Canada against Sony to the tune of, get this -- $1 billion dollars (cue Dr. Evil voice). This follows in the wake of a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. that was initiated earlier.

But is suing Sony really necessary? What does it accomplish, and why is it needed?

Look, I get it, Sony fucked up. Big time. And there's no better word to describe the situation than, pardon my French, a fuck up. They lost a ton of information for a ton of users - 77 million, to be exact, and then 21 million with Sony Online Entertainment's recent breach. But $1 billion dollars is a little excessive, dont you think?"

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theafroman2754d ago

Hows that gonna help PSN? Did you lose your credit card info (most likely no)?
You be doing nothing suing them trust me.

iamnsuperman2754d ago

There is also little evidence to suggest money has been taken. The cc details were POSSIBLY taken but the file was encrypted (been confirmed by Sony). The only other thing you can sue for you address and name being lost but I am unsure about the strength of that argument because here in the UK a quick search of someone's name you can find their address anyway. You will be surprised how much data about yourself is out there.

Trey_4_life2754d ago

''Should we sue sony''

Uhh no but we should sue you and your pathetic website for insinuating such things.

ComboBreaker2754d ago

And get what? 33 cents back? LOL.

VTHockey4112754d ago

@Trey_4_life - If you actually read the article, you would know that it's saying it's stupid to sue Sony, it's not supporting suing Sony so don't rip on the site without actually reading the article.

socomnick2752d ago

If you had your credit card info or know your personal info was compromised then Sure you have every right to sue.

Sony's outdated software and lack of a firewall could potentially lead to financial hardship and loss of time in the future.

That alone is enough to sue. Their negligence would guarantee you win.

People are under the false impression that you need to actually have money stolen from your account to sue sony.

Just having your information stolen is grounds enough to sue.

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MaxXAttaxX2754d ago

Doing shit like this will only get in the way of gaming.
I just want PSN back up.

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rjdofu2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I'm pretty sure that many people who sue Sony are not even gamers in the first place. They don't give a damn about us real gamers, they only want some quick bucks. But what will they get, $10? At the end of the day, the lawyers walk away with millions of dollar while each person triggering the lawsuit has only few bucks LOL. Think about it, the benefits are nothing compared to the consequences.

Scary692754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Nope we should not, it would be a waste of time and resource. More then likely if you tried to sue the case will be thrown out, since really it was not something that could have been prevented. It has been said MANY times if a hacker wants something they will get it no matter what.

Dlacy13g2754d ago

@theafroman... you do realize this goes beyond just a loss of credit cards? In fact the credit card info while valuable is probably not as valuable as the 70+ million user names, addresses and emails that got stolen. Those lists can be sold to all kinds of groups and telemarketers for a nice chunk of change each time.

Dlacy13g2754d ago

LOL....disagrees. Don't you guys ever wonder how Joe Nigeria with the recently discovered bank account that only you can help him get the money out gets your email address?

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Anon19742754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I pointed this out and I've gotta do it again - If you haven't seen Weird Al's, "I'll Sue Ya" song you should have a listen. Funny stuff. Pokes fun at the sue happy among us.

"Booyah! I'll Sue Ya!"

sobekflakmonkey2753d ago

that pretty much explains people now-a-days..

jke822753d ago

sue them for provideing a free service, that you willingly submittied your info to, be secure with your shit people dont use a CC if you dont want the possibilty of getting it stolen use a psn card. problem solved

be happy you can even afford internet to sit on your couch and play why people across the world suffer

this site is retarded down vote them

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2fk2754d ago

uhm no....i just want PSN up

cr33ping_death2754d ago

Ponyo!! my girlfriend loves Ponyo... i got her the movie with plush doll.

Dart892754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Lol good luck buddy.

Edit:I think Sony should sue everyone that is sueing them since they're has been no reports of psn fraudlent charges.

SkyCrawler2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Seems like people want to sue for every little inconvenience in life when it actually helps none...most of the time.

...and is anyone else missing the "Another Sony studio title in the works" or more E3 news articles that had us excited for June? I wish those would return soon. This is getting ridiculous.

KingDustero2754d ago

Well we should be getting a good amount of reveals from Sony anytime now.

I believe they're going to do the same thing they did last year. They'll announce unrevealed games over the course of May to bring lots of hype towards them since there'll be basically no other reveals or big news then.

Starthawk is supposed to be revealed in mid May, which'll be great.

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