Gametactics Reviews The Sims Medieval

While the game has a lot of content to keep you playing for a long while if you choose to do so; whether you’ll want to is an open question as most of the quests just aren’t that exciting. One of aspects of the original Sims that appealed to me was the fact that you could almost do anything at your own pace. In Sims Medieval, you’re forced to do generally unexciting missions in order to progress through the game. While missions can often have funny results, actually playing them consists of clicking mostly predetermined options. Read more about the fun and troubles that Gametactics Fandel Mulkey has with The Sims Medieval.

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Lamarthedancer2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

This actually dosen't look that bad, I guess if it comes to consoles three quaters of the features that make it good on PC will be cut out.

Like Sims 3 for consoles....only letting me see three of my houses in the neighbourhood before I have to load to the next area even though on the PC version you can walk around your entire town.