Latest Japanese Hardware Chart, PSP Falling

DS Lite continues to roll on while PSP slowly falls back to where it was before the launch of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. Japan also continues to show it's not a console country anymore, handhelds control the gaming world of Japan, not consoles. It should be noted 360 sales quadrupled since last week with the launch of Halo 3 but it was not enough to break the five digit barrier.

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drtysouf214075d ago

the PS3 over take the Wii. It'll be interesting to see how the White 40GB does when its released.

cooke154075d ago

it may overtake ps3 for a week, but just remember Nintendo has done absolutely nothing to actually encourage sales on Wii.. if things start going poorly for them they can easily drop the price, change the color, anything. Sony has been doing alot of that lately

nasim4075d ago

and a price cut pending.

I am sure ps3 would outsell x360 10:1 in JAPAN and it would also outsell wii too.

The previous figures by Famitsu were wrong

BLaZiN PRopHeT4075d ago

lol nasim where have you been i was looking for a comment from you in the NPD threads. guessing you dont like the numbers?

cooke154075d ago

Nasim that is because the numbers you saw the other day were just VGcharts estimates which i think we should stop using here.

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sonarus4075d ago

yea with a price cut it probably would take the wii. xbox 360 has officially bombed in japan and nothing will probably change that. They completely killed in the US way beyond my expectations.

ruibing4075d ago

I think it was limited Elites that spurred the sales for this week.

doomsonyman4075d ago

i feel sorry for 360 fans in japan, ? infact i feel sorry for about just every 360 fan because they have no worthwhile or diverce game libuary

chester4075d ago

i think you need to spend more time studying spelling in a "libuary".

Fezthebest4075d ago

you really are stupid, im a sony fan/fanboy(whatever), but come on man no diverse library of games for the 360. geez like Chester said look up the spelling of library and also look at the library of games for 360.


Anything but Cute4075d ago

What sales week is this? I thought Famitsu had PS3 and 360 sales even both with 7-8k

cooke154075d ago

those were VGcharts estimates. the real numbers are released thursday nights and software the night before. Everything else is just fake

Rooftrellen4075d ago

Fake is a little harsh.

Fake is if a PS3 fanboy says the slaesa are:

PS3: 1,047,275
PSP: 984,889
360: 0
Wii: -285,827*
DS: -399,101*

* More returned than sold

That's fake.

The good unofficial sources are just a much rougher estimate that almost always ends up being outside of an acceptable error in at least one instance.

sonarus4075d ago

agreed IMO ps3 has the most diverse library of games but if sony dosent ramp up the sales a lot of those diverse games wnt see the light of day.

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The story is too old to be commented.