New Child Of Eden gameplay trailer, Kinect controls explained

Spiritual successor to Rez revealed as Child of Eden

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VampiricDragon_2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

it was confirmed today that kinect is the worst control option for the game according to pretty much every preview and playthrough

the kinect controls are floaty and disconected.

cstyle2757d ago

That looked awesome to me. Eat your heart out ps eye/move. Kinect will have the best version confirmed.

Just_The_Truth2757d ago

dude you think that's fun come on really?
option 1: auto-lock
option 2: auto shoot
it's a shooter where you can't control the shooter wonderful.

4Sh0w2757d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

yeah I think its fun, whats wrong with the controls, there was more to it than you describe but yes its simple controls like with old school shooters, only instead of a stick you use your hands, what were you expecting from a scrolling shooter.= this is obviously more about the music, art direction and overall game design used with kinect. Its actually a beautiful game to playthrough from what I've seen so far and the controls seem more than adequate.

@toasty, not true I have Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures and Dance Central, all of which require you to move alot in a certain way to be successful at the game, Kinect Sports is my favorite, bowling, boxing, volleyball and all the olympic games etc are quite fun with a bunch of folks over the house, kids and adults alike really love it, and if you dont perform the required movements your charachter will just stand there, lol I mean have you not played anything besides Joy Ride?, thats like choosing KungFu Rider as the shining example of what ps move is capable of.

kneon2757d ago

Is the guy controlling that circle on the screen or trying to follow it? If he's controlling it then the lag is quite bad.

2757d ago
The_Ultimate_Guy2756d ago

@ kneon

That comment didn't even make sense.

If he was "trying to follow it" then it wouldn't be lag now would it? If it was following HIM then you could say it was lag.

Since the game works by the circle following you, then your comment just states that there is no lag as it is so precise that the circle looks like it is moving ahead of the user.

Pretty poor attempt at trolling on your part.

kneon2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I wasn't trolling, that was a serious question. His movements were so disconnected from what was happening on screen I couldn't tell if was ahead and it was lagging or he was behind and he was following.

If he was following then HE is the source of the lag, if he is controlling then Kinect is the source of the lag.

The_Ultimate_Guy2756d ago

You are still not making any sense.

" if he is controlling then Kinect is the source of the lag."

Kinect can't be the source of the lag IF "HE" like you said is controlling the circle because in your original comment said he was "following" the circle.

You answered your own question by process of elimination. Since he is controlling it, and in your comment stated that "HE" was "following" the circle then there can't be any "lag" on Kinect. Lag on kinect would mean that the Circle would be following him and NOT HIM following the circle.

kneon2756d ago

It's really not that hard to understand. If the point were to follow the circle with your hand then it would always look like your movement is lagging behind the circle just because of the reaction time of the user.

If instead it's the other way around and the circle is supposed to move in sync with your movements then any apparent lag is because the system can't keep up with your movements.

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ME19892757d ago

Can you give me a link to this "confirmation"?

gamer78042757d ago

Kinect was the inspiration for motion controls for Child of Eden says the developer, any other motion controls will be a conversion of kinect. Controls look really nice in this demo using Kinect.

Just_The_Truth2757d ago

Move- aim and pull trigger
not too hard to convert.

4Sh0w2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

my bad double post

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