Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Impressions (

Grant of writes:

"Mars was a common theme of early Sci Fi, usually involving Martians or the idea of people one day moving to the red planet. In the story of Red Faction, the dream of moving to Mars has come true; however, it seems Mars is no better than Earth. Fifty years has passed since the corruption hit the planet, and the end is near. Unlike the first game, Red Faction: Guerilla, this time you’re underground, and the open world setting has been shifted to a more linear experience. While this could sound like a bad design decision, after playing yesterday’s XBox 360 demo, I have to say I like this new direction."

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admiralvic2753d ago

It really sold me on a game I was going to pass on.

rrquinta2753d ago

That's awesome. That's what a good demo should do, IMO.

Drazz2753d ago

I liked it, day 1 for me. I loved destroying stuff in guerrilla, now I get to put stuff back together and do it again! Sweet!

awiseman2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Im still not sold, I still see Linear Faction: Corridorgon rather then an open destructible world form Guerilla. It was fun, but its not capturing me like Guerilla did.

byeGollum2753d ago

What you want is more of the same... this is different

Rybakov2753d ago

i was actually impressed by this Guerilla didn't keep my attention for to long and its still not as destructible as the originals but lot of new stuff like fixing what you destroyed was sweet....tho i don't understand the whole being attacked by bugs thing guess i need to finish guerilla sometime

admiralvic2753d ago

From what I read PRIOR to writing this (not sure how much of it is factual so I left it out). The people were mad at you at the start because you opened up the wrong shaft. Due to this you woke up the original Martians which are the bugs. Since they're awaken they're bringing with them Armageddon. Hence thats the game in a nutshell.

Rybakov2753d ago

hmm well im gonna replay guerrilla anyway maybe this time ill get through it