Child of Eden Preview [Game Revolution]

An 11-year-old boy obsessed with Nickelodeon cannot resist the prismatic brilliance, the rainbow hypnosis flashing across the screen like a disco ball made out of reflective Skittles. ~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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samurailincoln2779d ago

Cannot wait to play this. Everything about it appeals to me. The art direction, the music, even the simplistic gameplay. Drool...

dbjj120882779d ago

Excuse my disbelief... I haven't used my Kinect in months.

kasasensei2779d ago

I hate rez but i want this one, dont ask me why.

stormeagle62779d ago

It's definitely super trippy...played a demo level of it and this giant flower boss opened up into a distorted image of some naked Asian chick, and that's just business as usual in this game.