Another Kingdom to Save: NinjaByNight Reviews Prince of Persia

This game came out a few years ago, but sometimes games go unplayed for a long time. So for my own piece of mind, here it is: NinjaByNight's (belated) review.

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Ahasverus2777d ago

Why I didn't get was why was the game called Prince of Persia? Why not only "Prince" or something like that? I get Sarhuman is a persian god but it's never implied it's Persia the place we are in, that and the man is not a prince :P Elika is the princess and she's the princess of a tribe, not the whole kingdom...
Still great game, I'm still waiting for the sequel :)

FAGOL2777d ago

I think it was supposed to be a reboot of some sort. Ubisoft were done with the original story. I doubt there will be a sequel. The game struggled in sales and alot of people disliked the cell shaded graphics.

I thought it was a great game and the cell shading was very unique and added to the beautiful environments.

Ahasverus2777d ago

How could people dislike the graphics, it's the game that made me buy my HDTV in the first place. I think the people that complained are the ones who love grey urban enviroments :(

lastdual2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I loved the art style, but not so much the complete lack of death. When you can leave the controller alone for 1/2 an hour without even pausing the game on the final boss and suffer no consequences, it effectively destroys any sense of accomplishment.

The same goes for the obvious level design and feature of Eleka pointing out the way forward. A big part of what made the older games great was the sense of discovery you got from simply figuring out how to get where you needed to go. Having the game point that out with the click of a button was a terrible move, and the areas even went out of their way to give you so many "this way" signals (scrapes on the walls, etc.) that it killed the platforming. It became just "hold forward and press the win button".

I'd love to see a sequel with the same art style, but that actually demanded some thought from the player.