Sign-up to test Star Wars: The Old Republic

EA have opened the sign-up process to test Star Wars: The Old Republic, feel like joining up?

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GeddyThePolack2729d ago

Isn't this news from 4-6 months ago. I've been registered for the beta for quite some time now.

Rybakov2729d ago

not to mention they already started beta testing like 2 months ago

GeddyThePolack2729d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing. I signed up for the beta on 01/12/11, so this is old news.

_LarZen_2729d ago

Got the mail today, and ofc I signed up! Good luck everyone! (crossing fingers he get's picked)

fluffydelusions2729d ago

I want to know when Diablo 3 beta starts

Kran2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

There's a difference between game testing and beta testing.

Game testing is essentially like Alpha testing, and you aren't really allowed to talk about anything you see publicly.

Beta testing comes after Alpha, with massive improvements and you are allowed to talk publicly about what you've seen (yes, i am aware sometimes you can't but most times you can), so no. It's not old news.

And yes. I've signed up.

GeddyThePolack2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

I'm well aware of the difference between beta and alpha testing. For me, I signed up during the alpha phase, and now when I login I don't have to do anything because I'm signed up (during the alpha), so therefore it is old for people who have already signed up.

GeddyThePolack2729d ago

Also, is the exact same URL that was for the original sign ups and it states the exact same info.

bozebo2729d ago

I signed up over a year ago...

TomInc2729d ago

That would have been the initial test phase though? I's imagine this is the last phase ahead of release? They sent out the email today anyway so they must have re-opened! News to anyone who missed it last time.

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