GameSpot - Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

GameSpot - Operation Flashpoint: Red River features realistic and challenging missions but is often hampered by poor AI and other frustrations.

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Dlacy13g2753d ago

I used to be excited for the Operation Flashpoint series...then the actual games came out and all that anticipation was replaced by disappointment after disappointment. Kill the series... make a new IP already.

k4rma2753d ago

"However, some players may lack the tactical awareness needed." -Gamespot reviewer

So did this game score low because its too tactical and too challenging?

I've been playing this game myself for the past couple of weeks, and it is challenging (one shot does kill) and it does make you think about about how best to handle each situation,so its very tactical, but imo that's part of the fun with these types of games. I don't think that should be a reason to mark it down.

Also the A.I. really isn't that bad if you compare it with the A.I in many other shooters like Mass Effect or Gears of War. The game as a whole is just less forgiving, so when your guys do make mistakes (happens often in a lot of shooters) you tend to notice it more.