Recycled characters you see in every BioWare game

GamesRadar: Before you get started with this article, we’d like to begin with a very sincere, simple statement: we love BioWare a whole squishy huggy bunch. Their narratives are usually awesome and we’ve spent an embarrassing number of hours playing their games.

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NewMonday2757d ago

don't see much similarity between Liara T’soni and Merrill, they are awkward for different resonse, T'soni is a nerd but Merrill lived a sheltered life. to long for me to remember the KOTOR girl.

i actually agree somewhat with the rest of the list. but to be fair only one or 2 may seem familiar, unlike most JRPGs where cretin stock characters are mandatory.

InfiniteJustice2757d ago

I agree, there are bound to be similarities with characters in RPGs, but Liara isn't really that similar to Merrill. For a start, she's much more of a strong female character

ITLoo2757d ago

Great list! You really did your research.

SeraphimBlade2757d ago

Nice article. It was funnier when Cracked did it

Tikicobra2757d ago

I agree, Cracked's was way more well put together and way, way funnier.

zeal0us2757d ago

Examples: Liara T’soni (Mass Effect), Merrill (Dragon Age 2), Mission Vao (KOTOR)

are the only ones that strike some similarities.

others just go along with the category but don't strike any similarity

mananimal2757d ago

LOL LOL, good article, thats a pretty funny, yet valid perspective on it, LOL

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