Rise of the DotA Clones

Today is TheIronSight’s first duel to the death. In this match up there are 3 contenders: LoL (League of Legends) vs. BLC (Bloodline Champions) vs. HoN (Heroes of Newerth). This is a battle for PC dominance, these 3 games have been seen everywhere and are becoming highly competitive games. HoN is even leading the way for the rebirth of Cal or Cyber-athlete League. In this highly contested and opinionated battle, one that will leave some gasping for air, and others baking in the sun of gaming glory. Only one will succeed. Let’s begin the bloodshed!

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ilikecookies2777d ago

except HoN isn't a Dota 1.5.....HoN has completely different heroes than Dota except for a few ports and items. HoN sh*ts on LoL and BLC...

PoulCast2777d ago

Why so biased?

I play HoN daily and yet I see quality components of LoL & BLC.

HoN is indeed DotA 1.5 and here is why:

The map is 95% the same (Forest of Calvadar).
There are 65-75% DotA heroes.
There are 98% DotA items.
Each new "original S2Games hero" has similar abilities to DotA heroes. There are a few innovations, but alot are alike.
However, it's the most competitive and balanced of LoL, BLC & HoN. (DotA still reigns supreme).

LoL took the step further and actually made a new game in the genre. You can find similarities between LoL & DotA, but it's mainly the same. They do however try to pick on their opponents and steal ideas from them at the same time. Shady company with Shady developers.

BLC is a whole other experience, skilled PvP in a micro arena. The game is meant for short games with loads of action, I don't even know how you can call it a DotA clone. It's more of a WoW-Arena clone.

Then you have all the chineese spinoffs which are terrible like Rift, Aion and the equal chineese bullshit.

Let's put them into groups

DotA - No. 1 - Most played & most competitive.
HoN - DotA 1.5 - If you dislike the ancient WC3-Engine, play this.
BLC - Inspired by WoW Arena - If you like short action packed games with the only of losing is because you're bad, play this.
LoL - The casual happy joy joy game. Similarities to DotA, casual features & it's free. However, you will only start out with 5% of the games content and progessively earn "Champions"(Heroes) along the way. There are 4-5 terrible skins for each hero to further make it a casual heaven. Also, it's pay2win.

DotA 2 - Upcoming GOTY. Valve, creator of Portal, Half-Life & Counter-Strike as we know it today combined with the creator of Defence of the Ancients, Icefrog. What more can you wish for?