Call of Duty map packs: still costing a ton

SG: Great news, sports fans, Or, uh, shooter fans, as the case may be; I’ve just always wanted to say that. Call of Duty: Black Ops has a brand new map pack out today on Xbox LIVE and, er, at some point in the future (June 3rd) on the PlayStation Network should it ever decide to resurface from the grave in its anti-Easter protest which saw it die at around the same time that Jesus decided to wake up from that inconvenient thing called “death”.

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Joni-Ice2782d ago

It cost a ton because the fools keep buying it.

ddurand12781d ago

people see value differently.

reynod2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

"It cost a ton because the fools keep buying it. "

It cost a ton because people this gen actually agreed to pay for what was free before.

Previously online gaming was limited to PC, at which point stuff like Maps etc used to made by users hence was free. This still is happening however its not on the mainstream, it happens on games like TF2.

Edit: its not like Mods arent possible on console, UT3 proved it is possible. However there are afew reasons why devs dont provide mod tools to console gamers:

1. It would kill DLC, this would mean less money for Sony, MS and the Devs.

2. It would give gamers the control to extend the lives of games. Watch how on PC games are supported for years and are kept fresh due to mods. The console market works on trying to get the customers to buy the next rehash as soon as it is released. If mods are available it will take control away from the devs, and will allow users to introduce Mappacks and the minor tweaks devs do provide to release the next rehash. Hence it would slow down the purchase of the next game.

IGAMEHARD2781d ago

this is the little kid gaming era... they dont know what good shit is...

-Mezzo-2782d ago

I'd pay 7 bucks for this at most.

MasterD9192779d ago

actually seems like a value for that price...but not at its ridiculous price now.

TLG19912782d ago

call of duty is worthless and outdated its a shame quailty games that real work and effort goes into development get "overshadowed" by this junk, just because the little children can only afford 1 game a year because they spend the rest of ther pocket money on drugs.

and if your a adult and this is the only game you play, shame on you just buying this game in the entire year is worse that piracy.

reynod2781d ago

Nope thanks to the tards who agree to pay for maps lol.

IGAMEHARD2781d ago

i bet activision is most upset about the PSN outage out of all the publishers... greedy fucks... probably responsible for half of the PSN hate articles