IGN Interviews Sony's SR Marketing PR on the new 40 gig PS3

IGN gets the low down on all things regarding Sony's announcements of it's
entry level 40 gigabyte Playstation 3, and new price cut on it's existing 80 gig configuration.

Hit the jump to find learn more.

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doomsonyman4076d ago

THE GUY SAID I UNDERSTAND LIKE 3 TIMES!!! he seems really insecure

Ri0tSquad4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )


unsunghero284076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I really think they might pull themselves out of the mud and show consumers just how cool a piece of hardware the PlayStation 3 is.

Ummm... OK.

Not sure if you noticed, but there's been a weeee bit of bad press for the PS3 since its launch. Something about, I don't know, the whole price thing. Oh, and the sales have been a little less than expected, too.

Dude, I like the PS3 a whoole lot. The PS3 is a great product. But I still think that ignoring some of the missteps Sony has made in the past is just being ignorant. Of course, after a quick review of your account (8 ignores, 0 approvals, and "Another tired CoD game???") I can see that you're hardly the kinda guy that would care about what I think.

Snukadaman4076d ago

people question sonys confidence in their own hardware and just how strong is a console when you can play most of the games on the cheaper console. Also much of the mismanagement problems, consumer confidence in sony themselves is also questionable.

AllanWakker4076d ago

"might pull themselves out of the mud"

Wait an idiot. LOL!

eXplotion4076d ago

"Wait an idiot. LOL!"

Oh really?

AllanWakker4076d ago

Stupid little fanboys running their dimwitted mouths off...can't stop laughing at idiots like unsunghero28.

Some people say bad stuff about teh PS3 HOW WILL SONY GET THEIR REPUTATION OUT OF TEH MUD???


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season0074076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

backward compatibilites? i still don't see that an important feature....i own an 60gb and i know its nice to have it
i can use wireless controllers for games, better graphics, much faster disc loading time...but well i still've got my PS2 in the shelf and if thats needed i can live with it
I have got wii X360 PS3 on my shelves and an extra Ps2 just won't hurt

and btw stop talking about the HDD thingy...the price of HDD drops every single day and it's actually a good thing they keep putting a larger harddrive in the PS3...i don't think they are paying more for these bigger harddrives compared to an year ago when the inital 60 and 20 is launched

PimpHandHappy4076d ago

60GB owner

Played one PS2 game on my PS3. I have only bought 2 PS2 games in the last year and one of those games i still use my PS2 on. I beat God of War on my PS3 and since then i havent used the BC...

so yea this was a MUTE POINT from the start. If u really cared you would have bought your 60GB in the last couple weeks. If u didnt then ur out of luck. You will be using ur PS2 for all your PS2 games

PopEmUp4076d ago

Sony egg IGN face in that interview

EZCheez4076d ago

Honestly, what else is their to say?

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