Driver: San Francisco Dev: 60fps Meant 'Cutbacks'

NowGamer - Ubisoft Reflections creative director Martin Edmondson has admitted that the push for 60 frames per second in Driver: San Francisco wasn't without compromise.

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jay22755d ago

Thanks hardware, maybe they should meke every on a pc virson? :(

BeastlyRig2755d ago

Well the new need for speed uses Frostbite 2 & it's made mostly for pc! Now if the game can be as good a nfs wanted I will be happy!

StanSmith2755d ago

"Driver: San Francisco Dev: 60fps Meant 'Cutbacks'"

Translation: Driver: San Francisco Dev: This Game will suck real bad.

BeastlyRig2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Translated Correctly: Driver: San Francisco Dev: Console Hardware sucks real bad.

60 fps rare doesn't mean game will suck just maybe the graphics..

The worse part is if it's a console port then pc will have lower graphics & probably have 75 fps..

Thank god this game isn't on my radar!