NowGamer - inFamous 2: Sucker Punch Interview

NowGamer - We speak to Chris Zimmerman, co-founder of Sucker Punch and developer of inFamous 2.

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news4geeks2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

sucker punch modelled the new Cole on me, even says so in the interview.

belal2785d ago

Btw guys i can confirm that the europe date is june 8th. Got the marketing instuctions today. ( gamestop norway)

sorceror1712785d ago

Unusually good interview. Covers a lot of 'behind the scenes' stuff.

ComboBreaker2785d ago

"I would wish that there were federally subsidised new IP ventures, and somehow there was a tax advantage for doing ‘new-ness’. The notion of ‘new’ should be given a bigger reward than it already is, because then we’d have more new IP, and I think that’s one of the things that is getting harder and harder to do."