What is Rainbow Six BD?

SystemLink: "Following a tweet from Internet sleuth superannuation regarding the possibility of a new Rainbow Six game appearing in 2011, SystemLink decided to do a bit of investigating themselves, and came up with something intriguing."


The story has been updated to reflect precisely what Rainbow Six BD refers to.

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Joni-Ice2729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Rainbow 6 Blu-Ray Disc? Guess not!

Antholex2729d ago

Hopefully we'll hear something about this sooner rather than later.

shadowknight2032729d ago

Could it be another HD compilation?

Fil1012729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

hope not, i mean come on the last R6 game was 2008 so ther've had plenty of time to creat somthing new, who know's maybe ther've been taking a back seat carfully watching the like's of cod and bf and are now ready to release a cod beater ???

shadowknight2032729d ago (Edited 2729d ago )

Well R6 has always been a more tactical approach to the games listed, granted BF is a lot less rush and gun then Cod, it nonetheless doesn't quite fall into the same category as R6 imo. So yes, hopefully R6 is getting a new addition, but when I read BD I just instantly interpreted that as BluRay Disc, thus perhaps something of the sort. Although thinking harder on that now, the fault in that logic is that compilations also have been released on 360. So probably just disregard my previous statement above xD and take this as a new R6 game :)

Niightzz2729d ago

really hope this is true!!

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