Is the NGP too big?

aGamingSite questions whether the device is too big... and whether that really matters, as well at looking at the boots it has to feel of the original PSP

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Active Reload2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

No "That's what she said." jokes? Ok, I'll start it...

"As my gran always extra inch can be as good as a mile! "

Did your gran really say that? And was she really talking about the NGP? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............

NewMonday2779d ago

i myself would pay premium for a model with a 7 inch screen.

ABizzel12779d ago

If you've seen it first hand you would know it's perfect for teenager or adult hands, but it may be too big for a young child.

kneon2779d ago

I would have preferred something closer to the size and format of the PSP go. But I think stuffing that much power into something so small would have created too many heat and power issues.

Joni-Ice2779d ago

I feel real gay now that I look at my comment.

ComboBreaker2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

The iPad is too big thouhg. 10 inch screen table is too big. 7 inch screen tablet is the right size. You can put it in your coat pocket or your man-purse. LOL.

badz1492779d ago

just like how the PSP is just a nice size for me IMO. iPad like 10" is obviously too big and Samsung Tab like 7" is also kinda too big. 5" is just nice IMO and will still fit into my pocket. the thing about Go! was it's kinda small and thus I prefer 3000 over it.

can't wait for NGP!

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RedDead2779d ago

Agreed, nice screen, 2 sticks. Day 1..depending on price

upturned22779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

lol screw you mang. you're buying it Day 1.

agree \/\/\/

Misterhbk2779d ago

The Ipad says no, the NGP isn't too big.

5inch OLED screen. Doesn't get better than that.

Tired2779d ago

As my gran always extra inch can be as good as a mile!

kramun2779d ago

Why would your gran say that to you?

Incest is a terrible thing.

Tired2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

She read too much Mills and Boon.

I think that was a boardgame we used to play every Sunday afternoon.
I can remember the adverts on tv...

'New from Mattel...
Incest... the game the whole family can play!'

kramun2779d ago

Lol, I used to play that too. My Dad always got an extra turn for some reason. I'm sure he used a weighted die, we had to use different dice to him.

'It's part of the game' he said.

Just_The_Truth2779d ago

question is will it fit in my infamous 2 sling bang the answer is yes so i'm good.

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awiseman2779d ago

Its only slightly bigger than the original psp fat, we wont know how well its size works until YOU can hold it for yourself.

Rybakov2779d ago

the size doesn't matter it is how well it preforms that is key

Active Reload2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I guess you never made her say "Damn!" when you whipped it out...

Edit Below: And I'm getting disagrees, lol. I'm sorry but some of these comments are too good to pass up...

Graphics2779d ago

LMAO!!!!!!! Wow that was the perfect reply.. Didn't even think about what he just said.

heylo2779d ago

Is that a NGP in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

soren2779d ago

well if it has the same games and cant fit in ur pocket and cost more then a ps3 well then get a ps3

death2smoochie2779d ago

The size is perfect for a hand held game unit. Its not a Smart Phone.

jujubee882779d ago

It's a smart portable. :D

DWOM2779d ago

It's god size... the most important thing is that it'll pack lots of power in it... and it's design for hardcore games! :)
Now if the price is right I'll get it!

soren2779d ago

YUP like the 360 so i will give u a agree for ur reply XD

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