Arstechnica: Eye of Judgment has arrived - Our first impressions

From preview: "The mail man just brought me a very happy package: our review sample of Eye of Judgment. I tore open the package and was delighted to see that Sony was nice enough to include enough cards to build two decks-I know what I'm doing tonight.

I quickly set up the camera. It comes with seven plastic pieces as well as the PlayStation Eye (Sony's name for the camera) itself, but putting everything together was a snap, and it sits very solidly on a flat surface. The construction is hollow plastic, though, so I wouldn't be too rough with it. I twisted the Eye's lens to make sure it was in widescreen mode, then started to play.

Even in the moderate lighting conditions of my living room in the afternoon, the camera had no problem picking up the cards. I had fun experimenting in the the card information area: you lay down a card, the creature is summoned and does his attack, and you get background information on factions, the world, and the story of the game. None of this matters if you just want to play the card game, but for fantasy buffs it's there if you want to dig in. As you can see from the picture, I tried to get the Biolith Battle Chariot and the Triceptaur Behemoth to fight the Ars Sumo, but no luck."

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doomsonyman4075d ago

all eye of judgment does is truly prove sonys superiority innovative skills and willingness to try new and differnt things. such passion and talent is rare to find.

season0074075d ago

Hmm i am gonna buy this game even though the only card game i've ever played was YUGIOH!! and i sucked at it....however , this looks like what card gamers have been wanting for these years, an animated card character that actually fights for you!

also, i would say this camera comes with playstation could do just as good as Wii in those mini games...not mean to compare or out perform, but i am sure there are ways to make this a casual gamer friendly thing and it will rock when the console cost gets lower in coming 2 years

crazy250004075d ago

this is definetly a must buy despite the so called 'reviews' that always say something bullshit to make it seem 'ok'

this is one innovative and badass game

Real Gambler4075d ago

This is a first day buy for me as well. : )

Agent VX4075d ago

Not doing very good in the reviews, but I guess this is too be expected for the type of game it is.

Don't find the "card games" appealing in the slightest, but if your into this type of game, guess it will do.

crck4075d ago

Thats is no longer good?

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