Will Street Fighter IV look like Okami?

Irresponsible speculation and much hypothesizing have been running rampant in the office since the Street Fighter IV trailer was unleashed across the Internet last night. The most striking thing about this video is its art style, which might foreshadow a huge change in how the actual game looks.

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Bonsai12144077d ago

doubt it'll look like that. capcom almost refuses to change up the formula for anything successful. seeing as how clover studios (RIP) was gifted enough to pull the Okami look off and do it well, i don't think the team working on SF4 will be able to do it as well.

but, it will be completely kickass if they do make the game super stylized like that. cause it look mad cool

JsonHenry4077d ago

I was really digging the art direction in the video. I really hope they make the game 2D with that style of watercolor art.

But we all know it will be crapola 3D and the game will turn out to be a turd.

chester4077d ago

capcom ditched an entire street fighter build-up because it tried to do it 3D and it wasn't working. so if they are attempting to do something 3D (which I doubt), they will admit it to themselves and fans if it isn't working and will do something that works better.

WAR_MACHINE774077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I really hope this is the style they stay with and not just a concept. I really liked the trailer and it could turn this from what I regard one of the two ultimate cases of beating a dead horse (megaman being the other) into something I would like to buy.

Skerj4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I'm not even worried about the art style anymore, I just took the trailer as a trailer/proof of concept. If it turns out to look like that well it'll be good, as long as the gameplay is there which means NO Ex, Capcom Fighting Jam, or SVC Chaos. My main concern is who's developing the game and they won't give us anymore answers until tomorrow it seems and I doubt that particular question will be addressed at that time. If they mess this up, they'll get my gigaton punch!!

Genki4077d ago

I'd like to see hi-res anime quality characters and maybe cel-shaded 3D backgrounds. That's it. Make the gameplay good of course and we're golden.

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The story is too old to be commented.