OXM UK: Games Vs Reality - 7 Real-Life Baddies Games Stomped Quicker

OXM UK: "The Al Qaeda boss has been waiting for somebody to pound his silly fundamentalist face in since the early '90s. If life were like contemporary first-person shooters, he'd have been nought but a patch of napalm-crisped beard in six hours flat, give or take the odd DLC episode.

Bin Laden isn't the only 110% certified scumbag the upholders of civilization have struggled to waste. When it comes to punishing evil-doers, videogames truly are a cut above. Here are seven damning comparisons."

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MrDead2778d ago

Yes lets take the reality of the suffering of millions of people and compare it to a computer game.

dirigiblebill2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Developers regularly turn the suffering of millions of people into videogames - and you're taking issue with a headline? Get some perspective.

MrDead2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

No the issue comes from the article as well, also I use work with people that deal with the fallout of these events so I may be a bit more sensitive to these sort of articles.