Sony Share Price Increases Following PSN Press Conference

Following a press conference yesterday about the PlayStation Network, which was hosted by Kaz Hirai, share prices of Sony Corp rose significantly for the first time since the breach became public knowledge.

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Joni-Ice2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

LOL...All the Doom and Gloom articles be GOON! Congrats Sony! Now get the network on.

MmaFan-Qc2778d ago


Fox012778d ago

I''m sure the Japanese were moved by Kaz and the conference. I really felt sorry for them.

hay2778d ago

@Fox01: There's no sadness in sincerity. Hirai-sama behaved like a man.

Fox012778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Real men don't bow to anyone, they don't apologize either. A mistake isn't a mistake, it's the others that are doing it wrong :(

ComboBreaker2778d ago

so they can sell them high.

They could have made some money if they have listened to me.

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darthv722778d ago

will continue up until the moment the service is back on. So until then....lets just be patient.

clank5432778d ago

exactly. We all remember ApocalyPS3. Honestly, if anybody still puts their credit cards on there then they are foolish. PSN cards from now on for me!

NiKK_4192778d ago

ApocalyPS3 lol that's good
Hopefully it'll be over soon, gotta get my socom on, and killzone n others

r1sh122778d ago

i doubt the hack caused much of a difference.
Dont forget sony shares fell when the tsunami and earthquakes hit because of reduced production.
Maybe production has increased again which is why they went up??
Or it could have been with other recent announcements like the tablets etc...
who knows, you cant read into a 2.5% increase

B1663r2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Article is inaccurate. Sony is down in trading today.

Also, It is looking like the charge will officially be larger than Microsoft paid on RROD, so this crysis (sic) is 2 times larger.

fooltheman2778d ago


what's the differece between this and yours link.

sikbeta2778d ago Show
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Tired2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

This news is from Monday!

What has happened since news of the second breach and the closing down of SOE servers.

I'm all for good news but this was reported when it happened....whats going on NOW?


I dont read last weeks newspapers...because it irrelevent.
What happened to their stocks today?
Why not publish an article from 6 years ago...

PS2 is very popular!

Old news and re-posted old artlicles help no-one

darthv722778d ago

the speed of the internet is faster than people can comprehend. So this article may be considered old but for the person who wrote is still relevant.

Some people are slower at being up to the minute like others but no reason to get upset.

It would be nice to know up to the minute details but with so many reporting this situation you just dont know who to get the right information from.

humbleopinion2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Not only it's from Monday, but it was also completely irrelevant back then.
Guess what BIGGER event took place on that day? Bin Laden was killed.
guess what happened to almost every stock in the market that day? Went up.

Global events like this usually tend to take a bigger impact, especially in the short term. But this still didn't help Sony that much: the stock is still down 10% in the past month.

theafroman2778d ago

I want my psn back Sony please.

rezzah2778d ago

That's nice to know.

Keep posting that as much as you can and you never know maybe they'll feel sorry for you and rush everything just for you =D

Sony already knows how people feel, so saying the same thing over and over in every article isn't going to magically make PSN pop right back up.

Just thought you and the others should know.

cr33ping_death2778d ago

they had another press conference yesterday?

DWOM2778d ago

So that means people bought more sony stuff? It's a good sign I assume?

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