The Darkness II screenshots, boxart

2K Games released the boxart and new screenshots for The Darkness II.

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Game0N2779d ago

one of the coolest badassest cover art i have ever seen. lets go darkness 2!!!

HellzAssassin2779d ago

Pitty for the new style of art, but it'll still be an incredible game! Day one purchase for me!

And, agreeing with Game0N: The box-art is by far the best I've ever seen.

Kingdom Come2779d ago

The Box Art is Stunning, lets hope in June we'll be saying the same about gameplay footage from E3. The first title was a tremendous example of underrated FPS', with a gritty, daring plot, memorable characters and tremendous voice acting along with some interesting twists on the genre.

DigitalRaptor2779d ago

The Darkness was one of my favourite early purchases this gen. Quite an underrated game. Hopefully more people take notice of the sequel - looks badass!

spicelicka2779d ago

That's some sickkkk ass boxart, too bad the game doesn't look good.