25 minutes of Far Cry 2

Exclusive 25 minutes of Far Cry 2 demo from a confidential behind close door. Lot of things never seen before.

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Swe_Goliath4073d ago

nice looking game :)
I hope it will come to ps3 to :D
becouse my comp is to old 4 games like that now :(

Kuest4073d ago

the only way I'm going to be able to enjoy THOSE type of graphics is if it comes to consoles (my PC sucks @ss).

Still, even if doesn't... that was a damn good trailer.

Stray_Wulf4073d ago

holy friggin crap, and i thought Crysis looked real.... This is like... IMPOSSIBLY REAL... damn major props to the devs, games are starting to honestly look friggin intensely realistic its ridiculous. I really hope when PS3 is finally at it´s max that games will look like this...

ShiftyLookingCow4073d ago

I would say they are two different beasts. But overall Far Cry 2 is looking more impressive of the two with its weather, fire and other effects. Good time to own a gaming PC.

Kotaku4073d ago

not looking bad at all.

gamesR4fun4073d ago

wow what a great job on a fps looks almost 2 real

Glacius4073d ago

Outstanding game for us PC gamers

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The story is too old to be commented.